Tryin’ To Be A Ross Shopper!

On some of the beautiful blogs I visit, so many of the ladies shop at Ross and find the best deals and share them on their blogs.  So……I decided to give it a whirl.  I went one day last week and it was crazy in there. It really isn’t my favorite place to be on a Saturday afternoon.  I went against my rule of shopping on Saturday. πŸ™‚  But, I just had to go see what bargains I could find.  I snapped a little picture of my loot. 

A couple of interesting observations: 

Security guards at the door made me a little nervous and the tall poles on the baskets were a little annoying.  *I would love to spend a while in there and organize their shelves for them. πŸ™‚

Found some book boxes, like Liz at Savvy Seasons. πŸ™‚  Some greenery, glass domes, an easel and a beautiful bowl that I forgot to put in the picture.  The blue glass piece came from Hobby Lobby. Now, to figure out what to do with these items. πŸ™‚


  1. Hey Beverly, I feel the same way about Ross as you do. I have found a few tricks. I’ve been to several in the whole state of Florida and only 2 are good. Some stores have very limited inventory. Our local Ross restocks on Tuesdays, so it’s good to go on Tuesday afternoon. Also, it is “Senior Day” on Tuesday and they give me 20% off. They never ask me my age or for ID. I’m just thankful. You can find some great deals. Love your boxes! Love your blog!

  2. Never go on a Friday or Saturday unless you like crowds! ha ha
    The store can be so busy on the weekend.
    You did find some nice pretties to decorate with!

  3. Oh my, I want your Paris book boxes, I will surely be on the hunt for those. Great finds. I agree, Tuesdays are the best days to go. I only go right when they open….then I get first dibs! lol! xo ~Liz

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