New Site Completed!


Yay!  I’m so excited that my new site is completed and ready to go.  Susan, at Pretty Darn Cute Designs, was a huge blessing to work with.  Most of all, her patience with me was amazing!  I had met Lindsey, the creator of Pretty Darn Cute Designs, at a Blissdom Bloggers Conference a couple of years ago and she was so sweet and I loved all of her designs.  I kept her info on file knowing that I would eventually be switching my website and blog over to WordPress.

So, take a look around and see what you think. I look forward to sharing with you all the latest that the Lord is showing and teaching me. My goal is to encourage you and hopefully inspire you through all my blunders and my many lessons.  I, for sure don’t have this life figured out, but I have enjoyed my journey that God has set before me.  Together we can be assured of God’s love and gain some tools to become the Woman of God, that He designed us to be.

I love comments, so don’t ever hesitate to leave me a note in the comment box or email me.  


Beverly, why did you name your blog, His Heart, My Desire and what does that mean exactly?

My answer is………coming up in the next post!  Stay tuned!