Saturday/Sunday Schedule….

You thought I was through, didn’t you?  Saturday’s are set aside to take care of details outside.  I keep the front porch swept, we have lot’s of dirt out here in West Texas.  I even have to dust our front door down on a regular basis.  We have a breakfast porch that needs constant care as well.  This Spring, I really hope to plant some flowers.  We will see if that really happens.  If my handsome prince doesn’t get around to sweeping out the garage, I will do that, too.

*My tip for the day:

Make sure your doorbell is clean.  Have you ever rang someone’s doorbell and it was so dirty you hated to touch it?  It’s easy to not think about that little chore, but oh so important. (In my book anyway) It will take about 5 seconds to do unless it is in bad shape.

Bible Study and Church Services in the morning and evening are on the schedule for Sunday.  The afternoon is a time of relaxation.  Great time to read, rest, watch a good movie or catch up on cooking shows. đŸ™‚

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your weekend!

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