Purple Toe Polish

Jim and I went to Dallas for a couple of days. The hotel we stayed at had a spa and I was wanting to get a pedicure. They got me in as soon as I got there. I was introduced to the young girl that took me back to get me set up. She told me to pick my color for my toes and as I reached for the pinkish color I usually get, she said, “You may want to try the purple, it is really popular and very in. I know what is in and you should step out of the box.” So I said,


As this sweet young lady was working on my toes, I noticed she had a huge tattoo popping through her sleeves on her back. It was a giant butterfly that looked as if it covered her entire back. I then noticed her toenails were painted stark white. I began to worry about her idea of what is the latest in colors, but whatever.

I now have dark purple toe polish on my toes. I may go back to my pinks when the time comes.

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