Pumpkins Make Me Smile

Pumpkins of any size and style, make me smile.  Today, I ran into a little decorating boutique called Jonnie’s and found this little pumpkin.  If anything has bling on it, it catches my eye and this little cutie had some bling!  The best part about him was that he was 1/2 price.  I paid $11.00 for this little trinket box pumpkin. 🙂


  1. I had to come back to comment cause I just saw your little pumpkin trinket box, and I just LOVED IT!! Whenever I see one that I like I will buy it, and bring it back home with me. Thank you for following Red Rose Alley, and I will come back to visit with you often.

  2. I saw your pumpkin on Shenita’s page and had to come look at it! That is adorable! I love bling and it’s more fun when it’s something unexpected like a pumpkin!

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