Pie #2

Remember the story about my pie’s that I am making for my brother once a month?  Well, his second request was a Pecan Pie.  Several years ago, a precious lady we know made a pie for our family for Thanksgiving.  It was the best pie ever.  That is the pie Burt wanted.  So, sweet Iris sent me her recipe and I made it.  Yes, this was my first Pecan Pie to ever make.  (I’ve always left pie baking up to my mom)  He said it was perfect!  Of course, what else is he going to say?  Thank you Iris for your recipe!  I will cherish it forever!  It is now called Iris’ Pecan Pie!


  1. I’m so craving for a pecan pie right now! I love pecan pie, too, especially my twin boys. My youngest, Maggie, is not that all crazy about pecan nuts but she does love pies as well, so no biggie, she’ll devour it just the same, lol!
    My kids love hanging out in the kitchen especially when I’m making pies. They love the part where you make the pastry, as my Maggie puts it, ‘it’s fun and messy!’.

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