Perfect Lies

I just finished reading a new book, Perfect Lies.  Jennifer Crow is the pastors wife of Victory Church in Oklahoma City, OK.
I first heard of her book at an event I went to in OKC.  I got to visit with a lady from Victory Church and she told me about Jennifer Crow’s book that was about to come out.  So, when I returned home, I pre-ordered it.  It came right before our trip.  
Perfect Lies, Overcoming nine hidden beliefs that stand between you and a healthy, joy-filled life.
1.  I Am Unloveable – I must meet the standards others have set for me because otherwise I will be unloveable.
2.  I Am Worthless – I must prove myself because my worth depends on what I do.
3.  I Am Unacceptable – I must gain the acceptance of others because their opinion matters most.
4.  I Am Unable – I must pull back because I am less capable than others.
5.  I Am a Target – I must protect myself because others are out to get me.
6.  I Am Not Angry – I must avoid conflict because expressing my anger is wrong.
7.  I Am Bad – I must be perfect because my actions define who I am.
8.  I Am in Danger – I must always be on guard because trouble is all around me.
9.  I Am Deprived – I must indulge myself in order to be happy.
*Do you see yourself in any of these “lies?”  I know I saw myself in a couple of them and this book helped put it all in perspective.
*I do hope you can identify the lies that may be in your life and are hindering you from being and accomplishing all that God designed you for!


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