Now Is The Time to Get Fit!

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I’m still trying to lose the weight that I gained with my babies!  Oh wait, my baby is now 30 years old!  That excuse is not working anymore.  When I had our first baby girl, I gained almost 60 pounds.  Yep, crazy, right?  I maybe lost half of it before I had our baby boy.  I then gained, of course, while expecting him.  So, it all began, I just packed it on year after year, day by day.  I never really tried to lose weight.  I wanted to, but obviously not bad enough.  I was busy with life;  ministry, homeschooling and just enjoying making a home. I just never made the effort.  When my “baby boy” was 14, something clicked.  I was ready.  I joined a group that was doing a book study on weight loss.  When I weighed in for my first weigh in, I weighed exactly the same as I did when I stepped on the scale in the hospital right before delivery!  I gasped in the hospital so you can imagine what I did when I saw that same number 14 years later.  I did the program exactly as they said and I was on a mission to lose weight.  I did it.  I lost almost 60 pounds.  I never felt better.  It was fairly easy to do and I loved meeting with the group that I was with.  My family supported me and encouraged me daily.

I got comfortable.  So comfortable that I didn’t worry about what I ate any more.  I never thought about it.  I became lax in my walking and watching what I ate.  Now…the weight has crept back on, pound by pound.  I’m to that point where I want to and have to get serious again about losing and not going back to the old ways of no exercise and not caring what I eat.  I’ve tried different groups and even led a few, but for some reason I just couldn’t get that feeling of, “this is it, I’m doing this until I’m at my goal!”  But, today, I am determined to get this done and over with.

“To see a change, we have to make a change, and Now Is The Time!” -Beverly Dillow (that’s me)

Are you needing to make a change to be more fit and healthy?  Now is the time!  Don’t put it off until tomorrow.  Waiting until Monday isn’t a good thing either.  I looked forward to so many Monday’s while living it up until then and then Monday came and I said, “maybe next Monday!”  I can testify, that isn’t a good thing!

If you aren’t in the empty nest years and you are in the middle of raising little ones.  I’m encouraging you to begin today, to get fit and healthy.  Don’t put it off.  I so wish I would have done something when my babies were small and I know I would have enjoyed life so much better and things would have been easier.  So, take it from me…..NOW IS THE TIME!  Just do it, don’t wait.

I can still hear my doctor tell me when I was in for a visit while expecting my first baby.  He said, “Beverly, the older you get the harder it will be to lose your weight, so start now!”  Oh, how I wish I would have listened to him seriously.  I didn’t think it was that bad.  I also didn’t have a scale during all those years, so I never kept up with what my weight was doing.  So, get a scale, be intentional and get busy getting in shape.

You may be in perfect shape and fit.  What a blessing!  Encourage someone that needs help and get along side of them and lovingly take them under your wing.  Of course, wait until they ask you.  It might not go over well to walk up to someone and say, “I can help you lose weight and get fit if you let me.”  It might offend them outwardly, but inside, they may be thrilled that someone cares. But still, let them come to you.  So find a way to make yourself available.  Start a book study or begin an exercise group.  I have a feeling something will come up if you truly want to help others.

Remember…..To see a change, we have to make a change and NOW IS THE TIME!



  1. Darling blog! Your sense of humor came out in this serious article. I can say, “Amen” to what you’ve written though God made me small and by his grace I’ve stayed that way. I pray that I won’t be disciplined to a fault in this area, and that I won’t look down, ever, on someone overweight. BUT you CAN do it! I’m very proud of your weight loss Bev!

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