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I have been reading blogs for several years now.  My favorite blogs are those that are inspiring and encouraging in my daily life.  I tend to be attracted to blogs that focus on Bible Study, Organization, Decorating, Fashion, Crafting and the list goes on and on.

Since I am interested in so many things, it was hard for me to focus in on one thing for my own personal blog.  I tend to write on whatever is on my heart, which can be anything at anytime.

I do subscribe to blogs, but I have had to be careful or my inbox is full with blogs to read.  I’m one of those that likes to see an empty inbox at the end of the day.

This post will have a permeant link that will list all of my favorite blogs and websites I enjoy visiting.  I will be adding to and taking away from this list regularly.  Not only will it be a help for you to be able to click on the blog/site that you would like to visit, but it will help me as well to have one place to go to when I have time to sit down and be inspired by reading all of the latest.

I would love to know how you handle the blogs you love.  Do you subscribe to your favorites or do you have a listing that you go by?  How do you manage your time in regards to visiting blogs/websites?

Here are some of my favorites.  They are not in any particular order.  I’m just listing as I go and trying to keep them all in categories.  Be sure to check back regularly to see newly added links.  Just look for the graphic in the sidebar to go directly to this page.

Home Life/Lifestyle:




Blogging World:


Bible Study/Christian Authors:

Travel Spots:

Favorite Shopping:

Magazines/Books Publishers:




  1. Oh, my goodness, what a list! AND, I’m honored to have made it. :o)) I do not subscribe to blogs as, like you, I just can’t stand for my email box to be full and if I just list them on my side bar then I just click on them when I am reading blogs. They are always there and I read them regularly enough that I rarely miss an entry and I do change my list from time to time as I grow weary with certain blogs after a time. Good post!

    1. Thank you, Lea! It is a list, isn’t it? Now you know why I had to make a list! It sounds like you have a good system going with listing on your favorites on your sidebar.

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