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I just finished reading a book by Marie Osmond, “Might As Well Laugh About It Now.” I’ve always been a fan of Donny and Marie and have kept up with them over all these years. Marie’s sense of humor will make you laugh out loud as you read her book. I love her outlook on life. Her mother is the one responsible for helping her to have such a good outlook on life. I loved reading about that relationship.

The story that stands out the most in my mind from Marie’s book is the one that she told about her being chosen to play the part of Sandy in the movie “Grease.” She turned the role down because of the character of Sandy was to lose her values of being known as being pure and innocent in order to capture a boyfriend. At the end of the movie, it was obvious that she was now the “bad girl” and had captured the attention that she and the other girls craved.

Marie made the comment that being a role model for young girls was of utmost importance to her. Now that she has daughters of her own, she is even more convinced that she made the right choice.

If only more celebrities considered and actually stood by convictions like that.

Good fun book.

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  1. I like Miss California’s response in the pageant about what marriage is meant to be. I especially like that she wouldn’t apologize for it after being advised to.

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