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                                        Guest Rooms

When our children were growing up, we never had a guest room.  Now that we are “empty nesters,” we have two guest rooms.  I did have three, but made one of them into a sewing/craft room.

I’ve enjoyed working on these two rooms and making them comfy and cozy.  I still have some tweaking to do on both of them.  It gets my mind off of my children being grown and on their own.  I loved my season of raising our children, they are precious to me and I’m so proud of them…sorry… back to the subject of Guests Rooms..I’ll have to brag on our kiddos another day. 🙂

Do you think I will ever learn the art of photography?  A nice cozy clean bed is essential.

The Blue Guest Room

It is good to take pictures of your rooms and you can see places to tweak in the decor that you may not see with your natural eye.

Lamps always warm rooms up.  I love lamps in every area possible. 

I love decorated bath rooms.  
Remember my notebook that I’ve written about before that I keep my plans and goals recorded for each room in?  Well, I have this one listed as Blue Guest Room and Blue Guest Bath Room. (2 separate pages)   I keep this notebook out while I’m cleaning and make notes of things that need to be repaired, decor tweaked, items needed, etc.

The main thing about a guest room, is it must be clean and organized for guests.  If it’s clean, organized and decorated nicely, your guests will love it.  I try to think of what would make me comfortable and I try to add those things.  I’m still learning, but here are a few things I try to incorporate in my “Blue Guest Room and Bath.”

*Always have clean sheets/bedding on bed.  Ready for anyone at anytime. 

*Good lighting by bed for reading along with an alarm clock.

*A few reading materials in room.  A Bible in the night stand.  A few books on the chest with nice bookends holding them up.  A few magazines that you think your guests would enjoy reading. Have a list of television channels if you have a t.v. in the room, which I don’t, the information to logging on to the internet and any other info that you think your guests will need.

*A spot for hanging clothes in the closet. (have some hangers for guests, too) A luggage rack is nice to have as well.  A couple of empty drawers would be nice, too.

*In the bath have plenty of nice clean towels.  A spot with toiletries.  The sample sizes work well, that way they can take them with them when they leave and you can have fresh ones out for your next guest.

The main thing is being clean and clutter free and a peaceful environment.  

Remember, I never said perfect.  We can never be perfect, but we can make it a place of safety and love and that’s what your guests will love about staying in your home.

If you have any ideas for making a guest room the best it can be, I would love to hear and learn.

Now to add a few things to the notebook….


  1. Great post, Beverly! Your guest room and bath are lovely. I am sure your guests really appreciate your attention to the details. I like to also incorporate things that I personally enjoyed, from some of the hotels where we have stayed. What a great idea to keep a journal of things that need to be done!

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