Modesty Thoughts!

I have just finished reading a great book, Fashioned by Faith by Rachel Lee Carter.  If you are a mom, this book would be great to read with your girls.  A Bible Study is included that would be such an encouragement to you and your daughters.

Rachel has a blog and you will love this post, Modesty on Spring Break.  Summer is almost here and I have a feeling it is going to be an interesting summer as far as dress goes.  When you walk into a store and  little shorts are hanging not bigger than the hanger, it might not be a good thing.

I was checking out at Sam’s the other day and the young sales clerk was falling out of her shirt.  Nothing left to the imagination and the men behind me were having a big time checking her out.  I’m almost positive they weren’t laughing and talking about her in a good way. I’m sure she thought she was looking good. I was embarrassed for her and assumed she never had a mom or someone that cared enough to teach her that she was worth so much more than that.  

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