Love and Honor Your Husband!

Jim and I.  (31 years ago.)

I made a post on my blog for homeschool moms about honoring your husbands.  A  Heart For Homeschool Moms is my blog to encourage and give information for the homeschooling mom.

I grew up in a fatherless home, so I never saw a husband/wife relationship first hand, except maybe my Aunt and Uncle.  But, I didn’t see them 24/7, like you would a mother and father.

Learning to be a wife and a godly wife were at the top of my list and it wasn’t a piece of cake for me.  I was very independent.  I was used to taking care of myself and it was very hard for me to trust and rely on someone else.  Poor Jim, he had so much patience with me and so much love and care, he stuck it out and helped me learn.

I read many books and sought God’s wisdom from His Word.  I watched couples at church.  I also remembered the teaching from my mom.

I gave my heart to Christ when I was 14.  My mom was in her early 30’s when she became a Christian.  As my mother got into the Word and under the teaching at church on the home and family, she taught me and made sure that I understood the role as a godly wife.  I appreciate that about my mom.  Even though, she and my dad were divorced, she still wanted me to know and learn God’s ways for a godly home.  I am very thankful for that.

Moms, teach your sons and daughters what God intended for the home and how to love your husband/wife!

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