Lake House?

Did I mention we bought a Lake House? We went in with my brother and his family and we bought a cute little lake house on Lake Brownwood. It has a main house and then a guest cottage. It is on the water front, so there is a dock and of course what good is a Lake House without a boat, wave runners and all the water toys. We spent my birthday there as well as Memorial Day. My mom, Nate, Patti, Rodrick, April and Oliver joined us. One of Nathan’s friends joined us on Memorial day from Ft. Worth.

My mom did so much cooking while there (yummy), Nate and Rodrick loved the wave runners and tubes, Jim loves fishing. April and Oliver are little fishermen too. They were so cute catching all those little fish. Patti played with the babies and she is a fisherman as well. She did get on the wave runner with Rodrick and Oliver and they took a sharp turn and all fell in the lake, which isn’t too good when you are almost 8 months expecting. :0 Baby Zoe Grace was probably wondering what was going on.

What do I do at the Lake House? Well, I don’t really like the water all that much. I can only invision what all is in that lake….eeekkkss! I do love to go on the boat. Nathan took me for spin on one of the wave runners and he tried to make me fall in, but I think the fingernail marks in his skin made him think otherwise. I could see the look on his face and that smile was so evil.

I also have been trying to decorate the two cottages. It is not very easy. The selection of lake house type decor is not that great in our city I have found out. But, I am not giving up yet.

The Lake House will bring many great memories and fun times for everyone, what a blessing it has been already.

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  1. wow! a lake house and a new house…all at the same time. i think you’re going to be really really busy! happy shopping for your decor!

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