Just Curious….

I went to my favorite store hoping to find something new for the Spring. Not to mention, I got a flyer in the mail and I spotted a top that I thought would really be cute. When I got into the store, the employees were buzzing around everywhere, vacuum cleaners were running, girls were shining the fixtures, another lady was displaying scarves and accessories at the end of the racks (which really looked cute) and the racks were stocked more than I had seen them in a long time. I should know, I go in this store at least once a week.

I wondered what was going on and I overheard the manager say that the District Manager was coming in town the next morning. My thought was: Why does it take a District Manager to come to town for you to clean your store up and stock it as it should be and have everything top notch? Shouldn’t it be that way everyday? Just curious…


  1. Unfortunately, in just about any business (and I’ve worked in a lot of retail businesses and restaurants) that is just the way it is. Acceptable? No. The norm? Yes.

  2. Hi Karina, that is funny isn’t it? If I were a District Manager, I wouldn’t tell when I was coming, that would be the true picture of how your store is doing. That is just what I think though. 🙂

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