Julia Movie

Last night I went to see the Julia movie. I don’t go to movies very much unless I think it might be a good clean entertaining movie. Needless to say, there isn’t much to see with that standard. I am really not a Julia Child fan, but I know who she is. Out of all the cookbooks I own, I don’t have any of her books. I guess they always looked too hard and I’m not into french cooking.

I loved the way Meryl Streep portrayed Julia Child. She is a very good actress. I also loved how these two couples that were portrayed in the movie were actually married. Happy, married and supporting one another in the good and bad times. I kept waiting for Julia Child’s husband to leave her or do something that was appalling. But, he didn’t. He stood with her and never left. I was surprised!
You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorite movies and I saw a lot of the character that Meg Ryan played in the Julie character. Many of her mannerisms reminded me too much of scenes from You’ve Got Mail. That threw me off a little.
The language was awful! Someone actually told me, “Yes, it’s a great movie, only one bad word in it!” I thought, “only one!” Anyway, the person that told me this must have slept through the movie because there was more than one. 🙂
One of my pet peeves was the way Julie’s husband ate his food. Oh my! Someone’s mom forgot to teach him table manners. So gross, watching and listening to people eat and talk with their mouths full is not one of my favorite things to watch.
I admire Julie for wanting to even cook in her tiny dirty kitchen. It looked like she needed to spend the next 365 days cleaning it along with the messy apartment.
The writer was also skilled at inserting her political beliefs which were to down grade Republican’s. Oh well, what else is new?
To me this movie could have been a fun girly girl movie, but for me, it wasn’t. I wasn’t impressed.

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