Ideas for Women’s Ministry Events

While cleaning out my files and discarding papers, notes and many memories of my time volunteering in our women’s ministry, I decided to just make a list of the many events that our ministry held for our church and our community.  I hope they will inspire you to step out and take the risk of planning some events that will be an encouragement to your ladies.  I am one of those that believes you can have fun with things that women enjoy and always share the gospel at each event.  I had a friend that said “bring them for the fluff and then give them the gospel.”

Women wear so many hats and are responsible for so much.  We love to laugh, cry and grow in our walk with Christ together.  Granted, there will always be someone that will try to make you feel like you should only meet together for deep intense Bible study and prayer without any “frufru.”  Is that a word.  I love Bible study and prayer.  I also love getting friends together for encaurgement and inspiration with the girly girl things of life.

My list is not in any certain order.  I’m just typing as I go through files.  I sure hope it makes sense for you.  Here we go:

Ministry Kick-Off Dinner:  A time to introduce the ministry with a Guest Speaker along with introductions of the ministry team and leaders of various ministries available.

Shopping Trip:  Our church already had in place a yearly shopping excursion to a city that had a large outlet shopping mall.

Fall Celebration: Ladies brought their favorite dish (pot-luck) while enjoying special music and a message.

Mother/Daughter Retreat:  An opportunity for moms and their teen daughters to go away for a weekend for teaching and togetherness.

A New Year, A New You Seminar:  A day full of workshops on various subjects taught by ladies of the church that specialize in various things.  (Prayer Journaling, Writing, Cooking, etc.)

Baking Night:  A lady in the church who was gifted in the area of hospitality and cooking shared how to set a menu for the month and freeze meals, etc.

Spring Conference with speaker and author, Elizabeth George.

A Woman’s Heart for Missions: Guest Speaker was a missionary to Costa Rica and the ladies brought a mexican dish to share.

Friendship Tea: A Fabulous Tea Party with all the decor and treats to make it even more fun and a guest speaker.

New Year Kick-Off Brunch:  A new year and time to introduce ministries.

Teen Girl Conference:  Two days filled with guest speakers, music and workshop all for teen girls and even some classes for moms of teens.

Christmas Tour Of Homes:  An actual tour of several homes that were decorated for Christmas.  Would meet back at the church for a devotion and snacks.

Spring Conference with author/speaker, Lane Jordan.

Comedy Night:  A night of fun with ladies sharing funny stories, etc.

His Princess Tea

Dress Your Decade: Ladies dressed in the era they grew up in and guest speaker, Sandy Stiles.

Holiday In-Style:  Ladies decorated their own table and a fashion show by Stein Mart with a guest speaker.

Spring Conference with author/speaker, Lisa Whelchel.

Girlfriends Cafe:  An afternoon for girlfriends filled with music, food and messages from the leadership team.

A Woman’s Heart of Joy:  Desserts with guest speaker, Joni Reese

A Woman’s Heart of Celebration:  A Christmas event with the annual Tour of Homes.

A Woman’s Heart Cares:  A lineup of speakers from various ministries through the city.

A Woman’s Heart Has Purse-onality:  Spring Conference with author/speaker, Donna Partow.

A Woman’s Heart: An end of the year event with author/speaker, Joy Weaver.

Spring Conference with author/speaker, Sheri Rose Shepherd.

A New Year, A New You, Mini-retreat Day:  Instead of traveling away from home, we had a retreat for a day.

Mother-Daughter Cupcake Tea:

Season’s of a Woman’s Heart:  Fall Conference with author/speaker, Laurie Cole

Mother/ Daughter Royal-Tea:  Luncheon with guest speaker, Tatum Hubbard, former Miss Texas.

True-Woman Ladies Luncheon, Guest speakers from Life Action Ministries.

Holiday In-Style: This became an annual event with beautifully decorated tables, style show and guest speaker that year was author/speaker, Debbie Stuart.

Becoming More Women’s Conference with author/speaker, Lysa TerKeurst.

Chocolate Extravaganza: A night full of fun, a great message and lot’s of chocolate.

Fashion Workshop:  I can’t remember the title of this one, but we had an amazing event with author/speaker/fashion stylist, Shari Braendel.

*several events became annual events as the ladies seemed to really enjoy them. 

I think I will stop there….I’m sure I’m leaving so many things out.  I actually went through all of our newsletters and went by the ads.  What sweet memories I have of all the ladies that always worked so hard but had so much fun putting on events.  I loved seeing ladies bring their neighbors, co-workers, friends and family to our events.

For me, the idea was to provide something relevant and something ladies would be proud to attend and bring their guests.

As I was going through the list of events, I also noticed all of the various ministries we provided for our ladies.  In my next post, I’ll list those and maybe it will spark an idea for you and your ladies. I’ll finish up with a post on what I would do different if I had it to do again and lessons learned.

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I would love to hear what you love about your women’s ministry.

Thanks so much for following along.  I always love reading your comments either left here on the blog or sent to me by email.








  1. Great ideas! How did you get the featured guests to come and speak to your group? Did you have to pay them a fee to come speak?

    1. Thank you and great question. For conferences and special events with authors or national speakers, they were always paid for what they request. Many professional speakers that do that for a living have a set fee schedule. Some churches have budgets for such things and others such as the way we did it was through ticket sales as we didn’t have a budget for women’s ministry. Many times when we had a speaker within our church, they wouldn’t required a fee and would speak and share their talents in way of ministry. As a leader who is tune with the women of her church you will know those that have special areas of service and talents that can be used to encourage other women. Many of them are always eager to share and will be a speaker for one of your events. This is another area that would require wisdom on your part as you will always want your speakers to have a testimony that will only encourage and inspire others by their lives as well as their words. Women’s ministry is such a great asset to your church and fun to put together program that is inspiring as well as fun.

  2. I’m particularly interested in ideas to minister the older women in our church (say 80 and above) and those who are homebound. Their stamina prevents them from attending 2-day conferences and out-of-town retreats are out of the question. We offer weekly and monthly study groups and even though some still drive, they rarely attend. I think we need to create intentional relationships by assigning younger active members to become sister friends who stay in touch and are aware of their needs and capabilities.

    What have you done for these precious ladies that fit into this group?

    1. Stephanie, what a great question and definitely something to think about. I agree with you 100% about creating intentional relationships with the younger ladies ministering to the older. We always think of older women mentoring younger women. I think when you do this the younger women will learn so much from so many of the older women. When they aren’t able to attend Bible studies or events, that is when it would be great for the younger to offer to pick them up or just have a set time to go to their home and visit with them and have a mentoring time. Just caring for the older women along with the widows is always a good thing and there are so many ways to intentionally do that. I never had an organized ministry for this age group as we did have many ladies who loved on and checked on the older ladies in the church who were home bound. My mom is a great example. I remember one particular lady who wasn’t able to get out on her own. She had family that took care of her, but my mom wanted to pick her up and take her to lunch and just visit with her. I loved that and what an example it is for just women caring about other women regardless of age. It’s even more beautiful when it isn’t organized, but, in our world today with all the busyness, it might be a good thing to encourage your ladies to find someone who needs encouragement and a friend in their later years. Over 80 is a forgotten age in many churches it seems. I love hearing your heart and I have a feeling great things will take place because of your care for those that are homebound.

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