He’s Safe!

Our son Nathan has been talking about sky diving for some time now. He flew to Houston to visit his cousin last weekend who is engaged to a young man that is a sky diver and photographer. I knew the jump was planned for 2 p.m. on Friday. I was praying for him all day and especially at 2. 🙂 The good news is, he made it and is safe. The other news is……he loved it and plans to do more of it. :0 Really, Nate, I’m happy that you got to experience it and loved every minute of it. You are blessed to be able to do something that you’ve dreamed about. Go Nate!


  1. Hey Beverly, I know we were leaving Abuelo’s about the time he jumped or was supposed to, please forgive me for detaining you but as I was going down Garfield to my house I noticed it was a few minutes after 2pm and I began praying for Nathan and his safety, I am glad he had fun and was safe doing what he has dreamed of. If you read this Nate, you are one brave dude and I give you mucho kudos for fulfilling the dream, way to go!! I just have one question though, who took the pictures because they had to be jumping also to catch such awesome shots, how scarrrry!!! I don’t think I would want to be trying to operate a camera while falling out of the sky…YIKES!!!! Wonder how many people apply for that job? haha!

  2. Hi Janie and Jennifer,

    Our neice is engaged to a skydiving photographer, so he was taking the pictures. They also have it on a video as well. I can’t wait to see that. Your right Jennifer, that would be scary. I would drop the camera or forget to pull my parachute while filming.

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