Happy Birthday, Burt!

My little brother, Burt, had his 43rd birthday and I didn’t have a clue what to get him.  He is a very practical guy and has just about everything he needs and wants.  So, during our lunch I gave him his card and told him that I was going to bake him a pie a month for one year.  He loves pies and I didn’t know if he would take me up on it or not.  I’m not a pie baker, but….I would love to be.  This is my big opportunity to give it a whirl.

He went for it and requested a Coconut Cream Pie delivered in his man cave for the big football game on Monday night.

I have never made a Coconut Cream Pie, so I was worried.  Especially, on the meringue part of the pie.

I did it….and he said he loved it.  He gave it a 10. (It’s a little scorched, I rescued it just in time!)

This is Burt and I when I was a teen…..he was always by my side.  In this picture I was heading off to camp and I hated leaving him. (even though I seem to be smiling pretty big. 🙂 )  The picture below is at Christmas last year.


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