Fun in San Antonio, Texas!

We took a quick trip to San Antonio this week.  If you ever get a chance to stay at the JW Marriott Resort, I would go for it if I were you!

While Jim golfed, I explored San Antonio shopping.  How thankful I am for a navigation system that decided to work really well that day!

My Aunt and Uncle, who I haven’t seen in a few years live in the area, so we were able to meet them for dinner one evening.  It was so good to see them!  I have some special memories of them when I was growing up.

The view driving up to the resort in the evening.  Better have your walking shoes, it is a huge place.  

View from our balcony.  Rainy day, so you can’t see everything.   Golf course is in the background.

A nice surprise from the waitress at the restaurant in hotel.  The food was delicious at the 18 Oaks.

Bad lighting, but had to share my sweet Aunt and Uncle.  

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