First Time In Arizona!

I Love Arizona!

The weekend after Thanksgiving, Jim and I went to Arizona.  We stayed at a resort in Tempe.  Throughout the week we went to Scottsdale, Flagstaff and of course Phoenix was right in the middle of   it all.  I found some great shopping malls and centers while Jim golfed.  The main reason for the trip was to see the Donny and Marie Christmas Show at Arizona State University.  I’ve wanted to see Donny, I mean Donny and Marie since I was 15, which has been about 10 years or so. 😉  What fun it was!  We had front row center seats.  If you ever get to see them, you will not regret it.

I had never been to Arizona and I fell in love with the scenery.  I don’t know if I would want to live there, but I could probably manage.

This is a golf course Jim golfed at in Tempe.  It was gorgeous!

This was at the resort we stayed at on the patio.  I love the moon shining through the palm trees.

Being from West Texas, you wouldn’t think I would have been thrilled with the shrubs and cacti, but it was really pretty. (to me)

This is how a lot of the houses looked in Scottsdale.  Love that tree!

This is the patio overlooking the golf course at the resort.

This is the restaurant at the resort.  This is where we ate most of the time since we didn’t know the area too well.

We drove to Flagstaff, which was an amazing drive.  I think I saw that the elevation was 7,000 ft.  The scenery changed from cacti to pines on the two hour drive.  Flagstaff is a ski town, so you will want to go when it snows. 🙂

Pretty mountains.

I wanted to get a good picture of the large cactus, but most that I saw close up looked like they had been through the ringer.  I think birds like to make houses in them????

Okay, much different than what I usually enjoy looking at, but I guess I was  intrigued.  

Looked much different in person than on the internet, but wasn’t bad.  Very quaint and clean.  Much older than I thought.  (I’m a hotel snob, I love new, sorry!)

The Donny and Marie Christmas Show was awesome!  So much fun!  We weren’t allowed to take pictures during show, isn’t that rude?  I could have taken some good ones!


  1. Love the pictures! Arizona is a really pretty place. Glad you enjoyed it….I remember we never missed a Donny and Marie tv show when you were a teen:) They’re still cute….or should I say pretty and handsome. Ha

  2. Beverly, this looks like a fun trip! Hubby and I visited the Camelback Resort and Spa, a few years ago. We loved it! There was plenty of great shopping in Scottsdale; and the scenery was amazing. I used to subscribe to Phoenix Home and Garden magazine; and I had the chance to visit a couple of home decor shops that I had read about. I especially enjoyed shopping in old downtown Scottsdale. It looks like you had a blast!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!

  3. What a beautiful place! I went to Tempe years ago. It was so nice! I hate that no picture thing. We saw Elton John in Oct. & I didn’t bring the good camera because everything is always no pics. Well guess what? I could’ve taken all I wanted & all I had was an iPhone. UGH!

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