We did go see the movie Fireproof. It was excellent! I think everyone must go see it. If you missed out at the theatre, it will be out on DVD soon. You must purchase one for your movie library. This will be a good movie to share with others. I believe it could change lives.

Kirk Cameron was excellent in this movie. At the very end of the movie is a scene where Kirk’s character kisses his wife. I had read an article in which Mr. Cameron said that he had his wife in real life step in for that part in order to honor his marriage and commitment to her. Now that was amazing! What a wonderful example he is.

I recently saw a book called “The Love Dare.” This book is a journal type book similar to the one used in the movie. It is a journal with 40 days of ways to honor your husband or wife.

In our society today, there are so many unhappy marriages and divorces. A happy marriage doesn’t happen by accident, it takes work and commitment. Whether you are having struggles or have the marriage made in heaven, begin today to make it even better. Make your spouse number one in your life.

Blessings on your home,

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