Finally; A Show I Enjoy on HGTV!

Donna Decorates Dallas!

My favorite show on HGTV.  I love the way Donna decorates and what fun to watch her go to Market and put things together for her clients.  She also has a shop in Dallas called, That’s Haute.  My daughter went there last week and brought me back a fun prize from her store, a crown for my candle!  I love it!  She said the store was just a fun as we thought!  That will be on my list the next time I head to Dallas!  Donna Decorates Dallas comes on HGTV every Saturday evening. See what you think.

Donna Moss of  the program on HGTV, “Donna Decorates Dallas.”


  1. Beverly, I like this show, as well! I especially enjoyed the episode this past Saturday. Her design was opulent, without the excessive bling. You know I love the rich colors that she uses; and she’s not afraid to go bold. I’m right here in Dallas; and my best friend and I plan to venture out to her shop. I can only imagine the eye-candy in there!

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