Father’s Day Cookout

Patti hosted a Father’s Day BBQ for her daddy and her sweet husband, Rodrick, at her home on Saturday night. As usual, she had everything decorated beautifully. The golf theme went from our food all the way to how the kids were dressed. I didn’t catch Oliver in a picture, he is very busy and fast. I was fortunate to get Zoe Grace in a picture, she is just as busy.

Papa with his little girls, April, and Zoe Grace.
Rodrick, Jim, and Nathan, watching after the burgers.
Aren’t these the most adorable cookies? Patti knows a talented lady that makes all of her cookies, they are amazing!
Patti’s cupcakes. The orange flavor were my favorites. 🙂

*What a blessing it has been to see Rodrick as a daddy to his three little ones.

*Jim is my hero. What a neat daddy, daddy-in-law, and granddaddy he is!
*I love the word, Daddy!

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