Election Year Is Upon Us!

Beverly, What do you think of the candidates that are running for President?  

The White House

Thank you for asking….. 🙂

Well, after a day of watching the news and all the political news going on, I have to share a few things, just so I can say I got it off my shoulders. 🙂

I have always been interested in politics.  I care about our country and I don’t take our freedom for granted.  I’m grateful for the ones that have served our country and have leaned upon the Lord for their wisdom. 

I care about social issues very deeply.  I feel that our country was founded upon certain principles and if we let them go, we may not have much of a country left.  For some reason the Lord has blessed America in a great way.  I’m am thankful and I feel blessed to be an American.

I am also a strong Christian so the way I vote is always after I’ve tried to align everything up with scripture.

I’ve done my share in working polls on voting day, attending precent meetings and also went as a delegate to the state convention twice.  I’ve written letters, called my senator or congressman when a vote was coming up, etc.

I am a Republican by conviction.  I read the platforms of the different groups and the Republican Party is the one that aligns with my beliefs.  I don’t understand when I hear people say, “I will vote whoever I think can do a good job, I don’t care if it is a Republican or Democrat.”  The point is, there is a reason there are different political parties.  They believe and promote different values.  So, the first thing anyone should do is read the platforms of the different parties and then decide which one you will promote and put your trust in.  Then, such as an election year as it is now, you choose the candidate that best promotes your beliefs and values.

This time of year, we always have several that work to get our vote so they can be the one candidate that will run for the office of President.

I don’t like long posts, so I will continue in another one.  The lineup for the Republicans that are seeking the White House are…… 

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