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I’ve had several ask me about how I clean my house. Some of you have asked for pictures of my house as well. So, I thought I would give my cleaning schedule each day and then show pictures of the rooms as I go along.
I clean my own house. I’ve had people give me an estimate before, but I thought, I would rather do other things with that money and clean my own house. It’s sort of strange, I know, I like cleaning. Even though, sometimes, I think that I would love to have someone come clean my house each week, I get over it once I get my cleaning done. When I clean my house I get a sense of accomplishment and I love to make things sparkle and shine. Who knows, maybe someday I will give in and have it done and then do something with all the time it takes.
Each day, Monday through Friday, I have a portion of the house I clean. That way my house seems to always be clean. I think it’s a mental thing. If I’m having a full week, I clean all in one day.
Monday is my laundry room, dining room and kitchen day. It is also my grocery day.

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  1. That’s been my basic strategy as well. I think I took it up in my earlier years because of a book entitled, “Messies Manual”. During some of the years because I had always worked outside the home, we had Thursday cleaning night and we all pitched in, had pizza and watched ER when finished =) We did that so we’d have the weekend for all of us to go and play. I laugh because I don’t think my sons think Thursday cleaning night was no so much fun.

    Your house is beautiful and I LOVE RED!

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