Cleaning Schedule: Day #5

Jim and I have our own offices, so on Friday’s, I get those cleaned along with the breakfast patio, front porch and back patio.

Well, that’s my week of cleaning. It doesn’t take long at all when I do a little each day. As I said before, if I’m going to have a full week, I will clean the entire house in one day. I’ve even cleaned the scheduled rooms the evening before and that way, I don’t have any cleaning to do during the day. I do that when Jim and Nate are busy with projects where it won’t bother them if I’m cleaning. 🙂
As I get some decorating projects done, I will post those, but for now, I’m brain dead in that area. Where is Candice Olson!? She is my favorite designer on HGTV.


  1. Your home is gorgeous! If I even had an inkling of your expertise at decorating, I would be overjoyed! I’m going to try out your cleaning strategy. I’m still in the mode of homeschooling when cleaning and decorating were not a priority and we would all do a hefty cleaning once a week on Friday. Now that I’m “retired”:)I need to change my habits. Thanks for the inspiration. <3

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