It’s a Girl Thing!

I’m so looking forward to teaching some workshops for teen girls and their moms at this year’s, It’s a Girl Thing Conference!

*Toxic Media Mesages vs. Purity (for Teen Girls) 
*Media Messages and Your Daughter (for Moms)

We are living in some pretty crazy times with the media messages that are out to destroy the worth of women of all ages, especially our daughters.

Daddy, Do You Love Me?( Workshop)

Last Thursday, I flew to Corpus Christi for a girl’s conference called, “It’s a Girl Thing.” The conference began on Friday night with a band and Debra Scott-Brown. What an amazing story she had. Then the keynote speaker for the weekend was, Victorya Rogers.
My workshop was on Saturday. I did three; two for middle school girls and one for high school girls. What precious girls came to each session. The workshops were small, so I got to visit with each one more than I could have if they were huge classes. My heart broke as I listened to some of the stories of girls wondering why their dads do the things they do. My goal was to show them that they didn’t have to be a statistic because they don’t have a father to protect them. They have a Heavenly Daddy and He will take care of them and give them the comfort they need. How would I know this? Because, I lived that story and I would hate to think where I would be today if I hadn’t put all my trust in my Savior to care for me and to give me the wisdom I would need to make it as a teen girl without too many scars.
The staff of “It’s a Girl Thing” do a tremendous job in organizing and providing the tools that young girls need. I love their mission statement:
“To encourage teenage girls to become virtuous young women in a world that doesn’t always care about moral and ethical standards.”
Thank you to Sarah and her team for all that you do!

*This is the view outside of my hotel room.
*This is the lecture hall that I did my workshop in at Del Mar College.

I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the girls, they were precious!

It’s a Girl Thing Conference

This past weekend I was in Corpus Christi serving my friend, Jenny Broughton, as an assistant. What an amazing conference for moms and daughters. This was their 7th year for this conference. Jenny was the keynote speaker and the music was from Ayiesha Woods. Ayiesha and her brother were so much fun. I had never heard her music before and I really liked it. I loved the way she interacted with the girls. She seems very genuine. I count it a blessing to have been able to meet her and to listen to her in concert.