Why Decorate and Clean Your Bedroom?

As I was cleaning today, I thought I would write a quick post about one of my favorite things to do….cleaning!  I will do a post on each room as I get time.

I don’t have a housekeeper.  I have hired one a few times, but, I have found that I really enjoy cleaning my house.  I love keeping a schedule for my housekeeping.  I have a feeling of great accomplishment when I have cleaned and everything is in order.  Not to mention the money I save by cleaning my own house.  Don’t get me wrong….there may be a time when I decide to have help, but for now, I am able to keep up.  Please don’t think I judge anyone that has a housekeeper; I would envy you before I judged.

I wanted to talk about our bedrooms on this post.  I think it is extremely important that your bedroom be exceptionally clean, in order and organized and decorated to your personal taste.

Our bedrooms are where we rest and so it should be a very peaceful room.  I don’t know about you but if my bedroom looks like chaos and has zero order and piles of clothes, books, and things laying around, I wouldn’t rest well in that.  There was a time before I married that I had piles of clothes each day that I tried on before work and changed my mind….I was too lazy to hang them back up.  I would have a laundry basket in the corner with laundry that needed to be folded.  My drawers and closet didn’t have any order as I was always in a hurry to get to school or work and I had things I didn’t need or want and would fumble through those things to find what I wanted.  Those days are gone!  It took me a while, but, I finally mastered having order in my life!

What is your style? Does your bedroom represent your style?  Whatever your budget is, you can still decorate and have a beautiful place to rest.

Do you have a place for everything?

Here is a list of things that I strive for in my bedroom:

I don’t store anything under my bed.

Every single drawer contains items that are organized and I use and want.  If I come across anything that I don’t need or like, I say good bye to it.

Every possible place, that can be, is decorated.  I change things around on a regular basis as I get bored easily.  I like change.  I like to have things around me that make me smile.

I clean every nook and cranny on a regular basis.

I make my bed every single morning right after I get up for the day.

I change my sheets regularly.  Nothing like clean crisp sheets for a good nights rest!

Every night before I go to bed, I make sure everything is put away.

We had a television in our bedroom.  We recently took it out as I barely watched it and I just didn’t like the looks of it.  So, we put it in my sewing and craft room.  Much better.  Now, I can watch my favorite Hallmark movie and create all at the same time.

When our bedrooms are organized and decorated like we want, it is easy to clean and put in order each day.  All you will have to do is make your bed and you are done.

A good question to ask yourself is:

If someone dropped by your house right now and wanted to look at your bedroom, what would you say?  Would you say “sure,” because you know it’s in order and looks nice or would you say, “no way is anyone looking in there, it is a mess, when I get it all cleaned and decorated you can look at it!”

If you are ashamed for anyone to see it right now, then now is the time to set up a plan and get things in order and get your special room decorated that brings you peace and happiness.

Speaking of cleaning.  I keep a spiral notebook of my cleaning projects.  I have a section in my spiral for each room of the house.  Such as the section for my bedroom, I have a list of all the things that need to be done.  I keep the spiral with me as I clean.  When I see something that needs to be done, I write it in my journal.  Things such as touch up painting, lightbulb changing, change out window treatments, etc.  I keep a running list of projects that I want to do in our bedroom.  Maybe something like a serious cleaning project that I will have to have more time to do.  Once I get them done, I cross that item off the list.  If I’m wanting to change some decorating items and have an idea to do something else, I write it down in my spiral. Maybe, I need to purchase a new sheet set, I put it in my journal and when I go shopping I transfer my needed items for that room to my shopping list.

Something nice to have in your bedroom if possible, is a reading corner.  It’s nice to have a quiet place to read, study and have quiet time.

How’s your bedroom?  Are you pleased with every detail?  If not, I challenge you to take care of it and get a system and just go for it.  Don’t stop until you get it just like you want.

A great way to start is:

Deep clean every area of your bedroom.

Organize every drawer.  Get rid of anything that you don’t want, like or use.

Arrange your room to where it is comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Come up with a plan for your decorating.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you want.  What is it that makes you feel peace in a restful room?  Now, go for it.  Don’t drag it out.  You should be able to do all of this in one weekend.

Are there things you want to do, but due to expense or some other reason you aren’t able to? Then get your journal and write down exactly what you need and want to finish your dream bedroom.  Once you have it on paper, it will be easier to achieve and work towards.  But, my suggestion is, if you are wanting.. say something like a bedding set and you don’t have the funds for it.  Don’t leave your bed blank with just sheets and a blanket showing.  Get something much less expensive that you like and decorate around that until you get your dream bedding set.  Or, if you want to paint, but there is no way to paint right now.  Don’t leave your walls blank.  Go ahead and decorate them and when you are able, paint.

Have fun!

Tips and Inspiration for Laundry Day!

Today, I wanted to share a couple of laundry rooms from a couple of our readers.  It doesn’t matter what size or how you do or don’t decorate your laundry area.  What really matters is getting it done without stress, don’t you think?  But, if you are wanting to do some decorating in your laundry area, maybe you will be inspired.  Laundry Rooms are usually small, so it doesn’t take much to add some paint, a couple of pictures and a few laundry items to make it feel homey.

This laundry room belongs to my friend, Lea.  I met Lea at a bloggers conference a few years ago and what fun it has been in getting to know her.   She is a Louisiana gal and she loves home and family.  Click here if you would like to visit her at her blog.  I love her colors she chose for her laundry room.  Looks very organized and pretty.

This next laundry room is from a former neighbor who moved to Oklahoma a few years ago.  She loves to decorate and she goes all out at holiday time.  Sandy loves life!  She is an amazing wife, mom and grammy!



In my laundry world, I have to have some type of decor going.  Being orderly and with a plan is also at the top of the list.    When our kids were at home and we were busy with schedules and school, I had a day for towels and a day for our clothes.  When the kids got older, they were responsible for their laundry.  They had their certain day for just their laundry.  They sorted, washed, dried, ironed, if needed and put away.  I remember many times jumping in to help out.  I was never a strict parent, I just wanted them to learn to do their own laundry for the future.

Since it’s just my husband and I now, laundry day is a cinch.  Not to mention we own several dry cleaning businesses and I send many things in to be pressed!  Is that heaven or what?  I have a few things dry cleaned as well.  I send my bedding to be cleaned on a regular basis as well.  Not the sheets… and no I don’t iron my sheets.  I’ve thought about it, but I don’t.  At our get away home, we have bedrooms for our grandchildren.  The sheets I chose for the boys beds have their names embroidered on the pillow cases.  I do iron those so they show up nicely.

My husband and I each have our own laundry basket in our closets and when it’s time to do laundry… there you go…easy as pie!  I struggle at making pies, so maybe that isn’t the correct word.

I picked this little book up at a boutique and I’ve enjoyed reading it.  It is filled with all sorts of helpful tips.  Speaking of books, I love organization books and the laundry sections are always fun to read.  I like changing things up every now and then.  I love change and I get bored really easy. While writing this I just had the sudden urge to go reorganize my cabinets in the laundry room.

I have lot’s of cabinets in my laundry room and I keep not only my laundry supplies, but my cleaning supplies in this room along with other home care items.  I have a large walk in pantry in the laundry room, too.  I keep appliances and dishes.  Dishes…I have a thing for dishes.  We will have to talk dishes next time.

Simplifying is such a big word these days and I often go to a cabinet to simplify.  It is the hardest thing for me to do.  I so love so many things and everything I have now, I got because I love.  So, how can I part with it?  I may need an intervention.  I’m slowly working on that plan.

I purchased these jars and filled them with laundry detergent, softer sheets and then I added the jar for pods. I like using the pods for towels.  I did have two tall pretty bottles that I put bleach in one and liquid fabric softener in the other.  I decided against them because the liquid softer would cake up around the top and I guess I was too lazy to keep it clean and then the bleach made me nervous. I was always afraid it would fall over and spill out.  Maybe I will try it again, soon.  They did look cute, though.

As far as my stain removers, I’ve bought the regular stain remover that you spray on before you wash your clothes.  Of course, at the dry cleaning shop, they can remove anything…well, almost anything.  I’ve always been tempted to get all the stain removers that my friend Martha has in her laundry room.  If you didn’t read about Martha’s Laundry Day, click here and be inspired!

Having our clothes ready at all times by making sure they are cleaned, pressed and mended makes life so much easier and stress free.

I do hope that your laundry doesn’t stress you out and you are able to enjoy laundry day.  If not, I say, do whatever it takes to win that war and make it a pleasant experience for you and your family.  Making sure your family has clothes that are clean and pressed are just one of the many ways you can show your love for them.   Make it a pleasant experience by being organized, orderly and of course you just got to have a cute area to work in; even if it’s in the garage.


I would love to see your laundry room.  Email me your room and if we get several, I will share on another “Laundry Day” post.  Won’t that be fun to see all the different ways we all do laundry.  If you can, snap a quick picture and send it to me in the next day or two.

This is a bench that is across from my washer and dryer.  A great place to sit down and wait for that final load to dry!

Before I go, I have to share a quick “Beverly Tip.”  If you look in your washer and you see something little and you think it might be a little wad of thread or something, you might want to go ahead and get a paper towel to get it.  I reached in the washer and picked up what I thought was a little ball of thread.  It felt strange, like rubber or something, so I looked at it closer and it was a……..little gecko like lizard thing!  Oh my goodness!!!!  I screamed of course and ran to throw it in the trash.  Yes, I’m sure he drowned.  Okay, I can’t think about it anymore….moving on.

If you missed the previous posts, here are the links:

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Laundry Day at Martha’s!

Don’t forget, I’m having a giveaway at the end of this series. For all that laundry you are doing… you need a little break!  How about sit down with a coloring book and just color as your clothes are drying.  I have the perfect coloring book for you.  It is from my artist friend, Debbie Hannah Skinner.  “Fear Fighting Scriptures”  has 31 coloring pages with 31 verses to meditate on as you color!  You will love it.   So, leave a comment and from all the comments this week, your name just may be chosen as the winner of the coloring book at the end of the “Laundry Series.”  I know, right! So fun!!!


Laundry Day at Martha’s!


We are talking laundry this week and I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, Martha!  Whenever someone has a question about laundry, I always think of Martha.  To me, she is the master at laundry and ironing.  Before we visit her in her laundry room, I’ll share a little bit about her.

When I first met Martha, I was probably about 15.  She was the pianist at our church and what an amazing piano player she was and still is.  She does it with grace and beauty.  I love to hear her play.  Her husband was a deacon and they were very kind to my family.  I babysat her son at one time.  He might have been 1 or so.  He is now a pastor of a church and has a family of his own now.  I am feeling older and older as I type this.  Martha also played the piano at my wedding.  Years later, our paths crossed again.  I had always been interested in homeschooling and had never met anyone that was actually doing it.  Well, Martha was in the midst of homeschooling her two children and she took me under her wing and taught me everything possible about homeschooling.  I was greatly blessed to have been mentored by her in homeschooling and the bonus was having her as a dear friend.  Our families went on a couple of vacations together and I have so many fond memories of our friendship.  Many times we sat and visited while she ironed.  She loved to iron and always had a pile of clothes that she was working on.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my friend Martha and… her laundry room.

She keeps her items that need washing in the tiered baskets.  The laundry soap is in the metal container on top of the baskets. Martha uses Bio Kleen laundry detergent and her favorite softener sheets are Seventh Generation.  She purchases these items at her local health food store. The shelf to the right of her washer holds all her special treatments that she uses to treat stains.  I told you she was serious!  Don’t you love the picture on the wall in this picture.  I love the way she decorates her house, too.  Maybe she will let us do a house tour of her home, soon.  You will love it!

This is Martha’s tray of stain removers that she keeps in her cabinet over the washer.  I remember seeing these years ago and was intrigued.  I had no idea that you could buy these at the grocery store.  There are treatments for each type of stain that you could ever possibly have.   Are you as impressed as I am?  After Martha treats her stains, she will add Oxi Clean when washing the clothes in her machine.

Martha has always had her sewing machine set up in her laundry room.  She can easily mend items that need mending.  I’ve seen several things that she has sewn over the years, too.  Yes, she can even sew!  When does it end!?

This is Martha’s current mending pile.  I wonder if she would notice if I added a few things of mine to the pile?

This is a picture that has always been in her laundry room.  It’s one of her favorites.  It is a picture of a mom sewing with a little one on her lap.  Such a sweet picture.  It resembles Martha.  She has such a love for her children and grandchildren.  She is very patient and loving.  I’m sure she has sat many times sewing and mending with a child in her lap.

This is where Martha’s amazing skill of ironing takes place.  She loves using a Rowenta iron. She keeps a spray bottle of water and her spray starch close.

The garment that she is ironing is one of her grandaughters dresses.  You would love the way Martha and her family dresses.  Lot’s of tucks, ruffles and little collars.  Maybe we can do a tour of her closet, too.  Okay, I’m teasing on that one…well, I’m sort of teasing.  It would be fun!  If you could see all the little details on so many of the types of clothing that they wear you would be even more amazed at her ironing skills.  Everything looks like it has been professionally pressed.

When Martha finishes ironing a simple t-shirt, it doesn’t have one wrinkle on it.  What is even more amazing to me, is how she folds them when she is finished ironing and do I dare say that she is the master folder, too.  When the folded shirt is ready to be worn, you don’t see one wrinkle.  I know….I don’t understand either.  When I fold a t-shirt, it has a large crease where it was folded and then wrinkles have magically appeared.  So, I hang my t-shirts.  Not Martha, hers are all folded and stacked like you see in a boutique.


I love this sign she has hanging by her ironing center.  I will take this moment to tell you that Martha irons her sheets.  Yes…..her sheets and pillow cases.  I don’t know if you are impressed, but I am!  You know when you go to a high end store that sells bed linens and you see  gorgeous sheets folded perfectly and they look crisp and clean?  Well….that is how her linen closet looks.  I don’t share that to make you feel bad, but,  I don’t want to be envious of someones linen closet all alone, so I must share.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Martha’s laundry room. Isn’t it adorable?  It’s a place of order and peace.  Many memories of sitting on a chair watching her iron as we tried to solve the worlds problems.

Martha loves her family and her home and it shows by how she gently cares for each piece of clothing that she irons for each member of her family.  She takes pride in making a home and making it comfortable for all who enter.  You can even go in her laundry room and feel at home.

Thank you Martha for letting us have a peak into your world of laundry!

                                        “She watches over the ways of her household,

                                        And does not eat the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:27

If you missed the first post of the “Laundry Series,” click here and you can read the first post.


Also, I’m having another giveaway!  For all that laundry you are doing… you need a little break!  How about sitting down with a coloring book and just color as your clothes are drying.  I have the perfect coloring book for you.  It is from my artist friend, Debbie Hannah Skinner.

Fear Fighting Scriptures”  has 31 coloring pages with 31 verses to meditate on as you color!  You will love it.   So, leave a comment and from all the comments this week, your name just may be chosen as the winner of the coloring book at the end of the “Laundry Series.”  I know, right! So fun!!!

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It’s Laundry Day! Where Is Your Laundry Room?

It’s Laundry Day!  How does that make you feel when you hear those words?  Do you get stressed out in thinking of all the time you will spend on laundry?  Or, is it easy for you?  You may even be one of those people that LOVE doing laundry such as, a dear friend of mine, Martha.  This week, I will share an interview with Martha, who loves laundry day.  It relaxes her.  She is at peace when she is in her laundry room doing laundry and ironing.  Yes, you read that right…and ironing.   She irons like a dream!  And loves it!  And you will love Martha!

I’m not an expert on laundry… but, I have been doing it most of my life.  I remember as a young girl being responsible for the laundry.  I hung clothes on the clothesline when we didn’t have a dryer which was until I was in maybe the 9th grade or so.  When our washing machine would break down, I would help my mom gather all the laundry and head to the laundromat.  Should I mention how I despised going to the laundromat?

We will also talk about dry cleaning.  My Grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle owned and operated a drying cleaning business for many years in West Texas, Arizona and in New Mexico.  Ironically, after years in ministry, we now own several dry cleaning businesses. Isn’t that crazy?  Who would have ever thought that?  I wouldn’t have!  It has become a family business for other family members as well.  I don’t actually work in the stores, but, I will share what I know about dry cleaning and laundry.  I will also share an interview with one of our store managers on how to have a positive relationship with your local dry cleaning business.

I love hearing laundry tips and seeing decorated laundry rooms.  I can only go by my experiences of laundry rooms.  If I told you how many times we moved when I was a child and then after I got married, your head would spin. (that made me laugh…spin cycle, get it?)   I’ve seen just about every type of laundry area.

Here are a few of the ways I’ve seen washer and dryers in my world:

No washer/dryer.  Laundromat is the only way to get laundry done.

Washer only placed in the kitchen.

Washer only placed in the garage.

Washer/Dryer in the kitchen.

Washer/Dryer in the garage.

Square clothesline in backyard.

Two rows of clothesline in backyard.

Washer/Dryer behind bifold doors in hallway.

Washer/Dryer behind bifold doors in kitchen.

Separate laundry room for washer/dryer.  (Both large and small)

Laundry room that is also entrance from the garage.

However I’ve had a washer/dryer, a room or no room, all I can say is that, I am truly thankful for my washer and dryer! I don’t care where they go as long as I can have one.  I take care of them as a fine piece of furniture.

Laundry is just a part of life.  If you despise laundry day, maybe we can figure out how to love it.  Okay, maybe not love it, but, we have to do it and we might as well make it a pleasant experience, don’t you think?

This week, maybe we will be inspired to be the best laundress ever!  Is that even a word?

Leave me a comment and tell me if you have a washer and or dryer and where they are placed in your home.  I’m dying to hear all about it.

Also, I’m having another giveaway!  For all that laundry you are doing… you need a little break!  How about sit down with a coloring book and just color as your clothes are drying.  I have the perfect coloring book for you.  It is from my artist friend, Debbie Hannah Skinner.  “Fear Fighting Scriptures”  has 31 coloring pages with 31 verses to meditate on as you color!  You will love it.   So, leave a comment and from all the comments this week, your name just may be chosen as the winner of the coloring book at the end of the “Laundry Series.”  I know, right! So fun!!!


I better get back to my laundry as it is really laundry day for me!

A Room for Crafting and a Closet of Craziness

A few years ago, we changed a guest bedroom into my craft and sewing room.  I’ve really enjoyed being able to go in and create and then leave it until I’m finished.  No more putting the sewing machine away even if I were in the middle of a project.  I think one of my favorite things about this craft room is when our grand kiddos are here and they can go in and create all kinds of things.  I try to keep supplies on hand that they can just help themselves to.  I loved the time I got to teach our two granddaughters how to sew in this room.

When I was young girl, I had an aunt who was an amazing seamstress.  When we would go to her house to visit, she let me use her machine to make my latest project while she and my mom would visit.  I have many good memories of her and wanting to be like her in the sewing department.  I took homemaking in 7th-9th grade.  My dad bought me a black singer sewing machine when I first started my 7th grade homemaking class.  It was a heavy black metal machine.  It was probably vintage in the 70’s.  It only did one stitch.  I didn’t mind as I made many dresses, skirts and blouses.  I might have thrown away more than I actually wore due to my sewing disasters.

At that same time I discovered a crafting show on PBS on Saturday afternoons.   Many times I would call my mom and give her a list of items to bring home for me to make from whatever it was that I saw on the program.  My favorite craft was a candle made out of milk cartons.  I made many candles in jr. high.  As I think about it, I think my love for crafting was earlier than that.  When I was maybe in the 3rd grade, I checked out a book from the library that showed how to make little ghosts out of cotton balls and tissues.  I made tons of ghosts and then hung them on the clothes line.  I think I was pretending I was having a Halloween party for the neighborhood.

Okay, enough of all of that, let’s get on to the craft room decor.



Since I’ve shared the craft room, I might as well share the attached bathroom.

I will end this post with the craft closet.  I really struggle with how to organize it.  This is the best I can do for now.

If you know of any closet organizers, send them my way.  My solution is to use up everything in the closet and be left with an empty closet.  Then start fresh and only purchase items for a project that I’m actually working on.  I wonder if that will ever happen?

Trust me, I know I will never win an award for my photography, so thank you for being patient with me as I am always working on that.

Thank you for reading today and I’m going to leave you with a link from the Classic Sewing Magazine website.   This article is what inspired me to share my craft room today.  Click here to visit the site of an amazing craft room designed by Jane Makuch, a fabric designer.

Do you love to craft and sew?  If so, do you have a specific place that you create?  I would love to see your pictures.

“She seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands.” Proverbs 31:13

This is a verse taken from the Proverbs 31 woman.  I realize not everyone can sew and not everyone has a desire to craft.  I do think that we all want to be productive and make a beautiful and safe home for our family.



Hill Country Home Tour (Part 2)

We are continuing on with the tour of our get-away home in the Hill Country.  If you missed  part one, you can click here to view.  I’m still tweaking on some things and we have a couple of rooms that we haven’t even started on yet, but for now, join me for a quick stroll through the house.

*Notice the deer in the yard?  There are always deer walking around.  They are very cute!  I always try to talk very kind to them.  Since I accidentally killed one of their friends a few years ago, I don’t want to upset them.


Laundry Room:


Guest Room:


Master Bedroom:




Game Room Loft:



Girls Room:




Boys Room:



Thanks for visiting!

Hill Country Home Get Away Tour – Part 1



Welcome to our home in the Hill Country!  We love going to our get away.  We are on the golf course, so Jim loves that and the shopping is amazing in the Austin area.  But, the greatest thing about this house is our kids and grandkids are around the corner!  How fun it has been to spend special time with them!  Can it get any better?  I hope you enjoy the tour!

Welcome, come on in…..


IMG_7777We love the open area of the main living area which opens up into the kitchen and breakfast area!  I still have some places I’m working on.  I’m anxious to be completely finished!




Now for the kitchen area!

IMG_7975IMG_7977IMG_7976IMG_7857We can move to the dining room now….

IMG_7823IMG_7822IMG_7581We will continue the tour tomorrow!  Can’t wait to show you the rest of our get away home!





Fall Is My Favorite Season!


Tell us about your favorite season. Why is it your favorite and what does it say about you?

I love the Winter Season…..I love the cold and having a fire going in the fireplace.  If we are fortunate and actually get snow in Texas, it is a plus.  But, where I live, it will be cold with the sun shining and the cold wind blowing…..isn’t too cozy when that happens.

I love the Spring Season….The freshness of the new grass,  the trees budding and all the bright flowers blooming is always a welcome sight after the cold winter.

I am okay with Summer….I’m not a fan of being hot!  I’m not really a water person, so I’m not one to head to the pool or beach to get out of the heat.  A nice cool house or cool mall will suit me well. 🙂

Fall has to be my Favorite Season!  I get excited when I see the first leaf fall from a tree!  When I feel that first nip in the air…my world changes!  I have to really watch myself when it comes to fall clothes.  I LOVE them!!!!  I love the colors of Fall…..so warm and cozy.  I love decorating my house for Fall.  I usually begin decorating right after Labor Day.  It all stays out until I begin Christmas Decorating (yep, I love that, too.) I enjoy traveling during this time of year, too!  I’m more excited about cooking during the fall weather.

I’m not sure what it says about me.  I’ll now be thinking about it and trying to figure it out.

I will share some pictures from some decorating in my home from last Fall.  I’m so looking forward to getting the fall decorations out soon!

PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage4


Blog-tember Challenge #1

I accepted a challenge from a blog called, Brave Love.

Bailey Jean, the creator of Brave Love has an inspiring and encouraging blog.  I found her when reading up on the idea of Bible Journaling.   I love reading blogs that are inspiring, encouraging and Brave Love does just that!

The challenge is to blog each day with a  prompt that Bailey Jean has provided.  Challenge #1 is simply to tell about myself, so here we go!

I guess the number one thing about me and my life would be, I desire to live a life that is pleasing to my Savior.  I gave my life to Him when I was 14 and have never looked back.  I’m not perfect and I’ve messed up plenty of times, but, my one desire is to have a heart like His and I hope my life and my words would be an encouragement to others to do the same.

I hope you will follow along with me and we can together strive to live a life that is pleasing and a life that is victorious for Jesus!

Now for the foundation of who I am and for what I am most thankful for!

I am 56 and have been married to my Jim for 35 years!

Jim:Bev Hawaii

We have two adult children; Patti and her handsome husband have 5 of the cutest kids ever and Nathan and his beautiful wife of 5 months.






Jim and I served in full-time ministry for almost 20 years and now own and operate our own business.

I recently ended 9 years as Women’s Ministry Director of my church.  I loved every second of this ministry and still have a huge heart for it.

I’m learning what it’s like to be in a season of life that is so different than that of a mom with children at home and a full schedule.


We recently bought a home near our grandchildren and are slowly simplifying and down sizing.  Did I mention slowly!  Downsizing is hard for me as I love everything and it is hard to part with things.  I’m learning more about myself through this.


I’m praying our son and his sweet Sarah will be closer soon, too.  I miss them terribly.  He is an animator for a major animation company.  He just finished working on the Peanuts Movie, which I can’t wait to see.  It is going to be adorable!!!!

I have a few published writings and am working on a book.  I keep saying working on my book…..if I really sat down and worked on it, I might be finished by now.  But, I’m getting there.

I have spoken at several conferences and to women’s groups.  Only the Lord gives me strength for that.  I grew up very shy and timid, so speaking to groups is waaaaaaaaayyyyy out of the box for me.  But, to be honest, I love sharing what Christ has done for me and my favorite thing to do is encourage other women, so that is how I get through all the speaking that I have done.


Sewing and crafting are some of my favorite things to do.  I’ve loved crafting and teaching my granddaughters how to sew.



Reading is a favorite past time as well.  I usually have 4 or 5 books going at once.  Along with Bible studies.  Oh, and magazines.  I think I’m addicted to decorating and cooking magazines.

Speaking of cooking……I love reading about cooking and watching cooking shows and even collect kitchen gadgets.  The only problem is….I don’t really like to cook!

Lunching with friends and catching up is one of the highlights in my week.  My mom lives close by and we have lunch once a week.  My mom is my mentor and encourager.  I don’t know where I would be without her.



Well, I could go on and on about more, but I will stop for now.  I didn’t even mention fashion, decorating and the things I’m wanting to learn more about such as photography, Bible journaling, tennis…okay, I’m really stopping now.

I’m looking forward to tomorrows challenge which is:

*Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?

hmmmm………I better get to thinking………..I love every day, so now to think of my ideal day!

See you tomorrow!



2015! I’m Ready!



2015!  I’m Ready!  (well, sort of)

I’m in the middle of putting away my Christmas decor.  This is the part where I start second guessing myself wondering if I’m a bit out of control.  I think I know the answer to that.  Yes, I am.  I love Christmas with all the lights and glitter and specialness that goes on.  My vacuum cleaner thinks it has landed on Planet Glitter.


This was the year that I was going to go through all of my ornaments and get rid of things I’m tired of or just don’t work for me.  I ordered a ton of containers to sort by color.  After 17 plus containers, I’m a bit overwhelmed.  I still have a counter full of things that I don’t know what to do with as far as storing.  I have a huge closet in our garage that is for my Christmas.  My sweet hubby went in there and organized all the shelves for me (he is the master packer).  Even though I was scared he would be rough in stacking, etc.  I just decided, if it breaks, it breaks, didn’t need it anyway.  Except, for that cute cupcake Radko ornament I got this year…


I have my labels ready to print.  I may work on it all during the summer when it’s nice and warm out there.  I thought it would be so nice to hire someone to come in fix everything for me.  Then I thought, (I’m spending more time thinking than anything), that is a good sign you are in too deep when you need to hire someone to help with Christmas decorating, organizing etc.

All of this “thinking” has brought me to my next subject.

My Word For 2015!

I’ve never picked a word for the year, but I am this year.  My word for 2015 is…..drumroll…..


The meaning of intentional is:

done by intention or design

I love the synonyms for the word intentional:

conscious, deliberate, intended, knowing, purposeful, purposive, set, voluntary, willed, willful (or wilful), witting

Let’s see what intention means:

in·ten·tion noun \in-ˈten(t)-shən\
: the thing that you plan to do or achieve : an aim or purpose
: a determination to act in a certain way :

I am a fairly easy going person and I love life. I also am a procrastinator.  I can put things off and get to it tomorrow or the next day.  But, not any more!  I’m going to be more intentional in my living and hopefully will accomplish some things that I have been putting off until tomorrow.

I’m also thinking I’m on the verge of being a perfectionist.  But, not in a very good way.  I will put things off until everything is perfect.

Here are a few of my latest excuses:

 I will walk my 3 miles but only when the weather is perfect.

 I will play tennis when the wind isn’t blowing (In West Texas that is rare.)  

I will organize my closets when the rest of the house is perfect.  

I will read my Bible when I have everything done.  

This will be a struggle, but I’m determined.  Maybe, I should have chosen determined for my word?  Maybe next year.

Have you ever had a scripture for the year?  I thought about it, but I decided there are too many scriptures that I need to apply to my life throughout the year.  Today, I will leave you with this verse:

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Galatians 6:9 NKJV

Well, I’m ready, are you?  Do you have a word for the year?