A Fall Home Tour

First Stop….The Entryway

I found this pumpkin at Hobby Lobby.  I love the velvet and burlap together.

When I spotted this squirrel at a local boutique, I had to have him.  Love the crown on his little head.

Next stop will be the Living Room…..

Ready for Fall

I’m almost through decorating for Fall!  Tweaking on the rest of the house today.
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Pumpkins Make Me Smile

Pumpkins of any size and style, make me smile.  Today, I ran into a little decorating boutique called Jonnie’s and found this little pumpkin.  If anything has bling on it, it catches my eye and this little cutie had some bling!  The best part about him was that he was 1/2 price.  I paid $11.00 for this little trinket box pumpkin. 🙂

Is It Fall Yet? (Part 2) :)

The Leopard Pumpkin!

Living Room Fireplace

Loved these blue pumpkins at Hobby Lobby!

Hallway Armoire.  I think I need to get rid of the tree, looks really sickly.

Love the glitter tulle at Hobby Lobby!

Cute pumpkin I found at Hobby Lobby!

Master Fireplace Screen

I love this picture.

This is my favorite of all the decorations for some reason!

I wanted to do more on doors, but…maybe next year!

Mr. Owl hiding in tree!

Is It Fall, Yet????? (Part 1)

I began decorating for Fall, the day after Labor Day.  I LOVE fall.  In West Texas, it is still hot, dry and dusty, but that doesn’t stop me!

I know I’m not the best decorator in the world, but I have to admit, I love giving it a whirl.  I love reading decorating blogs and, of course, decorating magazines.  I decorate my house and then I run over to my moms and work on her house for a while.  I may post pictures of her house next!

I’ll post more pictures in my next post…

Fall Is In The Air!

I took a few pictures around the house after decorating for Fall!  Now if the cooler weather will hit, everything will be perfect. 

Somebody Stop Me!

Today, I am dreaming of Fall!  I was going to wait until next week to decorate, but I may do it today!  I just can’t wait.  It is cloudy and only 78 degrees right now.  I just may do it!

By the way, Happy Birthday to our little Oliver.  Just as his birthday invitation says, “Oliver is at level 5.”  We are going to his castle for his Mario party this evening.  What a precious little boy he is!

Home Starts at the Curb

I love a painted curb sign. I believe an address on the curb is the beginning of showing the personality of your home.
Our son’s girlfriend, Sarah, painted my house number on the curb. What is even more amazing is, I told her what I envisioned, she then went home and made her own stencils, cut them out, and then spent a Saturday afternoon painting the curb. I love it. What talent she has! Thank you Sarah!
Our neighborhood is a new neighborhood. Houses are being built all around us and the dirt is crazy. If I sweep off the porch, the dirt will be back that night. Patiently waiting for all the building to be done.

A Gift to Me!

I spotted this beautiful pillow at Dillard’s a couple of weeks ago and could resist it! It was my Mother’s Day gift to myself. It looks like a jeweled necklace on a pillow! If it sparkles, I gotta have it!