Lamps, Lamps and More Lamps…

My name is Beverly and I am a lampaholic! There I feel better! The word is out; show me a pretty lamp and I will do whatever it takes to find a place for it. Just this week, I got a lamp in that I saw on an ad that screamed, “BUY ME!!!” I was a good girl though, I got rid of two lamps that didn’t make me smile too much. The lamps that I said goodbye to were a plain little buffet lamp and the other was cute, but the shade never stayed on straight. I was patient with him though, I corrected his shade for years, but, he had his chance….he is now gone!

As a young girl, I remember my mom driving us through a beautiful neighborhood on our way home from church during the Christmas season. We would drive through the neighborhood because of all the lights in the trees. Each house had twinkling lights in every tree. I began noticing that most of the houses had their windows open and I enjoyed seeing the beautiful lights shining through the windows. I would always see a lamp on a table that would softly light up the room and oh, how cozy it would look. I so wanted to go in each home and see the beauty. I think that may be when my love for decorating began; while seeing the beauty from the streets into beautiful windows and the lamp lighting up the room. I always would tell my mom that I was going to have a beautiful house someday and decorate it perfectly. Even to this day, I get a cozy feeling when passing a house in the evening and see a lamp on as it reflects the beauty of the room.

Jim and I get tickled when we are shutting down the house for the night. We get a workout turning all the lamps off. I always like to leave one on in another room to give a little light if one of us gets up in the night. If you have guests, it would be a welcome feeling to see a little light far away from their room.

I would count my lamps for you to give you an idea, but, you may think I’m crazier than you already do, so I will just keep it to myself. I did have a guest one time and she mentioned my lamps and wondered how many I had. I simply said, “I don’t know.”

Lampshades are just as important. Those are hard for me to find as I don’t like just a plain lampshade. I’ve dressed plain lampshades up with large glittery pins, flowers, ribbon, trims, whatever it takes to make it pop. I have even tried putting fabric on the shades and am in the process of putting Christmas fabric on a shade this week. I had a lamp that was a bronze color and painted it a Christmas red. Now it is asking for a cute Christmas fabric shade. I hope it turns out like I think it should.

I hope you will take a look around your home and see if there is a spot for a lamp. Get in the habit of using lamps instead of an overhead light. It makes such a cozier difference.

My challenge for you is:

*Drive in your favorite neighborhood and see if you see any lamps shining through the windows. See if it gives you that feeling that you would like in your own home.

* Find at least one spot in your home for a lamp and decorate around it. I would love to see what you did.

*Do a lamp inventory. Do your lamps make you smile? If it does, yay! If not, do something to it to make you smile. Paint it, change the shade, embellish the shade or say goodbye to it and get a fresh one.

Lamps? Who knew they could be such a life changer.

Think about this verse….I love this verse!

“Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

I told you lamps were important!

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Welcome Lights

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Welcome Lights

On our first trip to Hawaii, we had a reservation for a hotel close to the airport as we would get in very late. When we arrived, the hotel was nothing like we had hoped and saw online. I’m a hotel snob….I’m extremely picky so you know what happened. I refused to stay there. So, we got our bags and headed back down to the desk and a miracle happened; they refunded our money. We got in our car and began driving to look for a new place. Little did we know that we would not find anything for another 4 hours as we drove around the island. We had never been there before so we really didn’t know where we were or how long it would take to find something. All we knew is the road was driving along side the ocean. The moon was reflecting off of the water and we stopped at a couple of places that looked like a bed and breakfast. They were closed of course and we kept driving. Around 4 a.m., I could see a cluster of lights down in a valley area. We decided to head toward the lights. As we pulled up, it was the most beautiful hotel. The girl at the open air desk was so kind and friendly. Such a welcome for two weary travelers. She told us we were getting one of their best rooms. At the time we could have cared less, we were just thankful to be somewhere safe and to get some rest. We got to our room and crashed. The next morning we opened the window and I can’t describe how beautiful it was. We had a corner room on a high floor with surrounding windows. We overlooked the ocean and it was breathtaking! When I think back on that adventure, all I can remember is those lights that we saw in the distance. How thankful I am for the lights and that we had sense enough to follow them. Of course, I know who was guiding us the entire time. All that to say, lights are important. I love lights of all kinds. I love them so much, that I will be writing about lights for a few posts on my blog. I hope you will follow along and we can be enlightened on a few things. How did you like my word that popped in my head just now…..enlighten? I love that word!

The way we light up our home on the outside is very important to us. I’m loving this time change where it gets dark early in the evening because not only things slow down and we can enjoy peaceful evenings more, but, I can enjoy all the lights longer. Yes, I’m one of the crazy ones that like the getting dark early time change.

Porch lights are important. We turn ours on as soon as they are needed. I do not want a dark house. I want it to look welcoming and having lights on outside to me, look welcoming and safe. I want our house to be like those lights that brought me comfort in Hawaii while looking for a place to stay. We like to walk in the evenings and it’s interesting to pass by houses that are completely dark. Such beautiful homes but, if they only knew how more beautiful their homes would look if they had some lights shining. Maybe it’s just me, but, you can’t beat beautiful porch lights reflecting the beauty of your home. It speaks coziness, welcoming, safety and a beautiful life is happening in that home.

Landscape lighting add even more to our homes. We had lights put on our trees. I love that look! We are now working on getting some soft lights that shine up from the flower beds onto the house. If that isn’t enough, we added “party lights” in our back yard. We have large windows across the back and looking out in the back yard with the lights on the trees and then the party lights glimmering, well…I just love it!

Have you ever been invited to someones home in the evening and you pull up and its all dark. You see some lights peeking through the windows and that lets you know someone may be home, but, you make your way to the door and you feel around for the door bell. Then someone turns a bright light on and after your eyes adjust you make your way into their home. What a difference it would make if when you pulled up and saw lighting around the house and you could clearly see your way up the walkway and as you ring the door bell you would have such a different welcome feeling, don’t you think?

Lights…..they are so important! I hope this encourages you to take a look at your home tonight and see what you can do to make it look welcoming and cozy to those that pass by or who are coming to your home for a visit.

*Drive around your neighborhood or other neighborhoods and notice how people light or don’t light up their homes at night. What are some things that you like and don’t like?

*Make adjustments if needed to your home to get the look you want.

*Take a drive around your block and take a look at your home. Does it make you smile? Go for a walk and as you walk up to your home, do you get that feeling that you hope others have when they see your home?

*Don’t save the lighting of your home for special occasions, keep your lights on each evening.

*Bonus! Invite someone over in the evening for dinner or dessert and have your lights set just right and see what a difference it makes. Of course, you probably won’t have anyone say, “Oh, your lights are beautiful, I feel so welcome here!” But, I have a feeling they will feel welcome the second they pull up to your home.

I hope you will follow along the next few posts as we talk about lighting. You are probably wondering, “What more can Beverly have to say about lights?” Well, I have lot’s to share on this subject that I only hope it helps you think about things differently than before or affirms your thoughts that you already have and not to mention, my brain is always thinking and it helps me to write about it.

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I can’t wait to hear what you are doing about the lighting outside of your home. Your home is a reflection of all that you are; let others see it.

Remember the song when you were little from Sunday School, “This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it shine, this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! Hide it under a bushel, NO! I’m gonna let it shine…..”

I love that song!

Don’t hide your home, let it shine!

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

Until next time…

My Favorite Magazines!

Hey Pumpkin! I just love that saying! I’ve called my kids pumpkins since they were little. Now, I call my grandkids pumpkins. Just a cute name, don’t you think?

Are you loving your fall season so far?

I am a huge fan of magazine reading. I love decorating, cooking, fashion and faith filled magazines. I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you today. The articles and photos of decorating and food are really inspiring this time of year.

The price of magazines has really gone up the last few years. I’m amazed at what the prices are on some of them. I try to cut back and as soon as I try to be careful in my magazine buying, one comes out with the most amazing cover that just calls my name! I usually stick with the same titles. I’ve purchased some that look good, but then find out that I just wasted my money because the articles are not my cup of tea. An example would be fashion magazines. As you know, I love fashion. But, the articles and photos that they put in magazines usually aren’t what I’m looking for to be inspired by. So, more than likely I pass on fashion magazines. I’ve always thought that someone needs to start a fashion magazine for “real” people with articles that are decent and you wouldn’t be afraid for young girls to read. Let me know if you know of any.

Here are my latest finds and loves in the magazine world….

This is a brand new magazine and I love it. It is published by Dayspring, which is a greeting card company as well as gifts that are faith based.
This is a magazine that has excellent articles that inspire me to live for Christ. I love it!
If you are a fan of Hallmark and all that they have to offer along with their movies….you will love this one!
I love to sew…..granted, I haven’t sewn in quiet a while….but, I love reading sewing magazines and this is one of them. You never know, I may crank my machine up pretty soon!
What a fun magazine this is. All sorts of inspiration to make your own scrubs, lotions and sprays.
Who doesn’t love The Pioneer Woman! She shares all types of things about her life.
This is a beautiful decorating magazine! I discovered it about a year ago and I’ve loved every issue.
I always find something in this publication that inspires me to be more healthy.
I love the photos in Victoria! If Victoria is on it….I know I will love it! Published by Hoffman Media, which is my very favorite of all!
Another Hoffman Media publication. I don’t decorate Cottage style, but, I love reading this magazine. Beautiful photos and decorating inspiration.
Yep…..Hoffman Media again! I love these issues. Very inspiring in decorating.
I love this one! Tea Time has been a favorite of mine for many years now. Guess who publishes it? Hoffman Media! Anything they do is beautiful.
Southern Lady is at the top of my list! Again……say it with me….Hoffman Media. They publish this one, too! Gorgeous magazines. I just returned from The Southern Lady Celebration in Birmingham, Alabama and I will be sharing about it later this week.

I love beautiful photos and articles that are inspiring to me. If you are the same, I hope you will try some of these magazines and see what you think. Feel free to share you favorite magazines.

Thanks so much for following me on my blog. I love hearing from you in the comment section or by email.

Enjoy this beautiful season!

Fall Vignettes Around My Home

I love the word, vignette! Sounds sort of elegant, doesn’t it? I actually looked up the meaning to make sure I knew what I was talking about. It basically means a small grouping of objects that creates a pleasing focal point.

Remember yesterday… I confessed my procrastination? Well, I didn’t have any procrastination problems. Maybe confession is really a good thing. I actually had a burst of energy yesterday and accomplished quiet a bit.

Here are a few photos from around our home. I hope it inspires you to put some “vignettes” together around your house today. Someone told me that my decorating made them tired. I hope you don’t get tired browsing around. I guess you can take a nap afterwards. -smile Thats to let you know that I’m not taking it serious. I’m actually smiling almost laughing when I think of that statement.

Welcome to our home! Can I offer you some vanilla iced tea?
You know I have to have glitter on the pumpkins, right?
Our dining area.
The laundry room.
This is a banner that I bought a few years ago, very pretty and hangs on a ribbon. I never know where to put it. I have it hanging on a hook in the laundry room.
I had a passel of velvet and glitter pumpkins. I put them in a bowl by the back door in laundry room.
I change out this curio for each season. Makes me smile when it’s done.
I loved this sign and the pumpkin dish is what I use when I make a pumpkin dip. Maybe I need to share that recipe with you.
My island in the kitchen. I love this rhinestone rooster I found when traveling.
I had to take a pic with my sparkle app. His tail opens and you can store treasures in it. Like a diamond ring or something????
This is a mantel above my stove or should I say range. Anyway…..I put these elves up there. I’m not an elf fan, but…..they had glitter and bling on them….I couldn’t help myself!
See, isn’t he cute in sort of a strange elf way? See his velvet and bling? I may have to go see if they have new ones this year!
My chef wears a different apron each season. She decided to wear her candy corn apron for now. She has a couple of other fall ones waiting. Notice she always wears her pearls and bling while cooking!
This is the family room!
Our entry way! I couldn’t’ remember what I did last year on the console…so, I put velvet pumpkins and filled my domes with sparkles. I forgot to take a picture of the other end.
A few pumpkins on the hearth in the master bedroom.
The fireplace in the master bedroom.
I found these birds at a boutique when traveling somewhere…couldn’t resist. They are carved wood. So cute. This is in our patio room. We glassed in our patio and it is now our t.v. room. It’s where everyone lands when they come over it seems.
This is the game table in patio room.
I found this glass acorn a few weeks ago. This is in our living room.
There it is…the great leopard pumpkin. I think it’s ready for a new arrangement in it….but….I’ll think of that another day.
I love this glittered bird with a crown. You would think I love birds, wouldn’t you. I think I like birds that don’t mess up our outdoor furniture and porch.
I always do a fall tree. I thought about skipping it this year. But, I felt so empty without it…so I decorated one last night on the patio room. This is a new tree and it is a skinny tree. I’ve never had a skinny tree like this, so, I had trouble decorating it….but, it is what it is.
I like this little owl ornament.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back soon!

Happy Fall – 2019

My favorite has finally arrived! We even have a bit of a cloudy morning with a chance of rain….maybe….or maybe it came during the night. In West Texas, any sign of clouds and a chance of rain is a blessing.

I always loved cloudy days growing up and even more so now. I have a few friends who don’t like cloudy days as it makes them sleepy and a bit depressed. Me? A cloudy day gives me energy. I want to cook, clean and create. It’s always funny to see how different we all are in our thoughts. I guess the best news in that, is knowing how we accept one another in our differences…..even the cloudy day thoughts.

Well…remember when I last wrote that I was going to do a newsletter instead of a post each day? That is on hold for now. My days go by so fast! So much I want to do and see. I’m also a procrastinator. I can put things off and dance around what really needs to be done. Sometimes I will find myself working on a project and realize I’m doing that to keep myself from doing what really needs to be done at the moment. Do I get an amen from my fellow procrastinators? I don’t like being a procrastinator. I’m still working on changing my ways. Oh, well, I’ll worry about that tomorrow! See….I told you!

Back to my main reason for writing today. I just wanted to say, “may your fall season be the best ever!”

I will post a few pictures tomorrow (see another procrastination) of my decorating that I did around the house last week. I told my Jim that I was a bit bored with my decorations and that I was going to scrap everything and go buy new as I was tired of everything. I was half teasing….I think he was glad I didn’t really mean it. But, then again, I might surprise him.

I’ll talk with you tomorrow! I’m going to take my pictures right now…unless I see something that needs to be done on my way to get my camera!

Have a fantabulous day and enjoy your weather whatever it may be for you today!

Spring 2019 Is Here!

Spring has sprung! Well, it’s cold and cloudy here in West Texas, but, I’ll take it. I like cloudy days. I am ready for the warmer weather, though. Not the hot summer weather. I’m not really a summer girl. I’m a 75 degree and calm weather girl. Thinking Hawaii is a good fit for me. But anyway, enough of the weather.

We just returned home from our annual Branson trip to attend the PraiseFest. PraiseFest is a 3 day event that is full of southern gospel music. Some of the groups that sang were, Legacy Five, Greater Vision, Triumphant, The Booth Brothers, Jim and Melissa Brady and several others. It was non-stop singing along with hilarious stories. I love to see the groups interact and have fun. It was a sold out crowd with 3,200 people from all over the country. We finished off the event with a concert by Guy Penrod. His pianist was Michael W. Smiths son. Who knew! The comical part was that his band looked like they could have been teenagers. When he introduced them, they were all married and had several children each. I think that’s what happens when you get older. Everyone looks like they are 10 or 12 years old.

What made this year so much fun was a blogging friend that I met 5 years ago at a blogger/writer conference attended PraiseFest with her husband. We briefly visited at the conference years ago and I have followed her blog all these years. When we met at PraiseFest, it was as if we were lifelong friends. Our husbands hit it off and we enjoyed dining together and even got in some shopping. What a fun trip. I would love for you to visit Lea’s blog. Just click on the link and it will take you straight to her site.

My mom loves PraiseFest and Branson and we always stay a few more days to enjoy some shows, shopping and site-seeing. This year we went out on the Branson Belle Showboat, Legends in Concert and SIX. Many of the shows were not up and running yet. My favorite store, Secret Garden was closed as they were moving in to a new building. We did manage to get in plenty of shopping though. Our favorite spot to stay, The Keeter Center, was awesome as always. I LOVE that place. When we received our arrival letter along with chocolate covered strawberries, the note said “Welcome to your 19th stay at The Keeter.” I told Jim that we were out of control and we just needed to buy one of their rooms. Wouldn’t that be fun! The students of College of the Ozarks work the lodge and you are treated to first class service. It is immaculate, clean and everyone is so friendly. Not to mention the food in the dining room is top notch. Most of the ingredients to the dishes served are grown and raised at the college. Honestly, I can’t say enough about the college and the Keeter Center. I could be their spokesperson. Good idea, we could live at the Keeter and travel for the college and recruit for them! Perfect!

I’m so glad I decorated for Spring before we left. It was nice to come home to the First Day of Spring and be decorated. I’m still working on my closet. I move all my fall and winter items to another closet and move in spring and summer. My closet will keep me busy this week.

I thought I’d share a few pictures of some spring decor around the house.

I’ll share more pictures in other posts in the next couple of weeks! I do hope you have a wonderful first day of Spring. We have a breakfast patio and I have plans to load it up with flowers. We will see what happens. If it is a success, I will share with you. Just remember… we live in West Texas and it’s a miracle if anything grows or doesn’t blow away.

I am linking this post to A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. Welcome to all the readers that are visiting from such an informative and encouraging blog.

Happy Spring!

Why Decorate and Clean Your Bedroom?

As I was cleaning today, I thought I would write a quick post about one of my favorite things to do….cleaning!  I will do a post on each room as I get time.

I don’t have a housekeeper.  I have hired one a few times, but, I have found that I really enjoy cleaning my house.  I love keeping a schedule for my housekeeping.  I have a feeling of great accomplishment when I have cleaned and everything is in order.  Not to mention the money I save by cleaning my own house.  Don’t get me wrong….there may be a time when I decide to have help, but for now, I am able to keep up.  Please don’t think I judge anyone that has a housekeeper; I would envy you before I judged.

I wanted to talk about our bedrooms on this post.  I think it is extremely important that your bedroom be exceptionally clean, in order and organized and decorated to your personal taste.

Our bedrooms are where we rest and so it should be a very peaceful room.  I don’t know about you but if my bedroom looks like chaos and has zero order and piles of clothes, books, and things laying around, I wouldn’t rest well in that.  There was a time before I married that I had piles of clothes each day that I tried on before work and changed my mind….I was too lazy to hang them back up.  I would have a laundry basket in the corner with laundry that needed to be folded.  My drawers and closet didn’t have any order as I was always in a hurry to get to school or work and I had things I didn’t need or want and would fumble through those things to find what I wanted.  Those days are gone!  It took me a while, but, I finally mastered having order in my life!

What is your style? Does your bedroom represent your style?  Whatever your budget is, you can still decorate and have a beautiful place to rest.

Do you have a place for everything?

Here is a list of things that I strive for in my bedroom:

I don’t store anything under my bed.

Every single drawer contains items that are organized and I use and want.  If I come across anything that I don’t need or like, I say good bye to it.

Every possible place, that can be, is decorated.  I change things around on a regular basis as I get bored easily.  I like change.  I like to have things around me that make me smile.

I clean every nook and cranny on a regular basis.

I make my bed every single morning right after I get up for the day.

I change my sheets regularly.  Nothing like clean crisp sheets for a good nights rest!

Every night before I go to bed, I make sure everything is put away.

We had a television in our bedroom.  We recently took it out as I barely watched it and I just didn’t like the looks of it.  So, we put it in my sewing and craft room.  Much better.  Now, I can watch my favorite Hallmark movie and create all at the same time.

When our bedrooms are organized and decorated like we want, it is easy to clean and put in order each day.  All you will have to do is make your bed and you are done.

A good question to ask yourself is:

If someone dropped by your house right now and wanted to look at your bedroom, what would you say?  Would you say “sure,” because you know it’s in order and looks nice or would you say, “no way is anyone looking in there, it is a mess, when I get it all cleaned and decorated you can look at it!”

If you are ashamed for anyone to see it right now, then now is the time to set up a plan and get things in order and get your special room decorated that brings you peace and happiness.

Speaking of cleaning.  I keep a spiral notebook of my cleaning projects.  I have a section in my spiral for each room of the house.  Such as the section for my bedroom, I have a list of all the things that need to be done.  I keep the spiral with me as I clean.  When I see something that needs to be done, I write it in my journal.  Things such as touch up painting, lightbulb changing, change out window treatments, etc.  I keep a running list of projects that I want to do in our bedroom.  Maybe something like a serious cleaning project that I will have to have more time to do.  Once I get them done, I cross that item off the list.  If I’m wanting to change some decorating items and have an idea to do something else, I write it down in my spiral. Maybe, I need to purchase a new sheet set, I put it in my journal and when I go shopping I transfer my needed items for that room to my shopping list.

Something nice to have in your bedroom if possible, is a reading corner.  It’s nice to have a quiet place to read, study and have quiet time.

How’s your bedroom?  Are you pleased with every detail?  If not, I challenge you to take care of it and get a system and just go for it.  Don’t stop until you get it just like you want.

A great way to start is:

Deep clean every area of your bedroom.

Organize every drawer.  Get rid of anything that you don’t want, like or use.

Arrange your room to where it is comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Come up with a plan for your decorating.  It can be as simple or elaborate as you want.  What is it that makes you feel peace in a restful room?  Now, go for it.  Don’t drag it out.  You should be able to do all of this in one weekend.

Are there things you want to do, but due to expense or some other reason you aren’t able to? Then get your journal and write down exactly what you need and want to finish your dream bedroom.  Once you have it on paper, it will be easier to achieve and work towards.  But, my suggestion is, if you are wanting.. say something like a bedding set and you don’t have the funds for it.  Don’t leave your bed blank with just sheets and a blanket showing.  Get something much less expensive that you like and decorate around that until you get your dream bedding set.  Or, if you want to paint, but there is no way to paint right now.  Don’t leave your walls blank.  Go ahead and decorate them and when you are able, paint.

Have fun!

A Room for Crafting and a Closet of Craziness

A few years ago, we changed a guest bedroom into my craft and sewing room.  I’ve really enjoyed being able to go in and create and then leave it until I’m finished.  No more putting the sewing machine away even if I were in the middle of a project.  I think one of my favorite things about this craft room is when our grand kiddos are here and they can go in and create all kinds of things.  I try to keep supplies on hand that they can just help themselves to.  I loved the time I got to teach our two granddaughters how to sew in this room.

When I was young girl, I had an aunt who was an amazing seamstress.  When we would go to her house to visit, she let me use her machine to make my latest project while she and my mom would visit.  I have many good memories of her and wanting to be like her in the sewing department.  I took homemaking in 7th-9th grade.  My dad bought me a black singer sewing machine when I first started my 7th grade homemaking class.  It was a heavy black metal machine.  It was probably vintage in the 70’s.  It only did one stitch.  I didn’t mind as I made many dresses, skirts and blouses.  I might have thrown away more than I actually wore due to my sewing disasters.

At that same time I discovered a crafting show on PBS on Saturday afternoons.   Many times I would call my mom and give her a list of items to bring home for me to make from whatever it was that I saw on the program.  My favorite craft was a candle made out of milk cartons.  I made many candles in jr. high.  As I think about it, I think my love for crafting was earlier than that.  When I was maybe in the 3rd grade, I checked out a book from the library that showed how to make little ghosts out of cotton balls and tissues.  I made tons of ghosts and then hung them on the clothes line.  I think I was pretending I was having a Halloween party for the neighborhood.

Okay, enough of all of that, let’s get on to the craft room decor.



Since I’ve shared the craft room, I might as well share the attached bathroom.

I will end this post with the craft closet.  I really struggle with how to organize it.  This is the best I can do for now.

If you know of any closet organizers, send them my way.  My solution is to use up everything in the closet and be left with an empty closet.  Then start fresh and only purchase items for a project that I’m actually working on.  I wonder if that will ever happen?

Trust me, I know I will never win an award for my photography, so thank you for being patient with me as I am always working on that.

Thank you for reading today and I’m going to leave you with a link from the Classic Sewing Magazine website.   This article is what inspired me to share my craft room today.  Click here to visit the site of an amazing craft room designed by Jane Makuch, a fabric designer.

Do you love to craft and sew?  If so, do you have a specific place that you create?  I would love to see your pictures.

“She seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands.” Proverbs 31:13

This is a verse taken from the Proverbs 31 woman.  I realize not everyone can sew and not everyone has a desire to craft.  I do think that we all want to be productive and make a beautiful and safe home for our family.



A Favorite Spot to Shop!

A Beautiful Store….Liz’s Interiors

Whenever I visit the city of Odessa, Texas, I always have to make a stop in a beautiful store called, Liz’s Interiors.  Christmas is exceptionally beautiful, filled with gorgeous home decor items. I had to take pictures and share with all of you.  My pictures don’t do it justice, so you must pop in the store and see for yourself if you are ever in the area.  

I had the honor of meeting Liz.  She began Liz’s Interiors in the 70’s.  What a sweet lady she is.

Enjoy your tour!

Liz’s Interiors
2735 N. Grandview
Odessa, Texas 79762

Fall Tour Continued…

Come in to the living room for some pumpkin spiced tea…..
Piano decor

I found the velvet leopard pumpkin at Hobby Lobby

Fall metal tree is from Pier One