My Favorite Magazines!

Hey Pumpkin! I just love that saying! I’ve called my kids pumpkins since they were little. Now, I call my grandkids pumpkins. Just a cute name, don’t you think?

Are you loving your fall season so far?

I am a huge fan of magazine reading. I love decorating, cooking, fashion and faith filled magazines. I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you today. The articles and photos of decorating and food are really inspiring this time of year.

The price of magazines has really gone up the last few years. I’m amazed at what the prices are on some of them. I try to cut back and as soon as I try to be careful in my magazine buying, one comes out with the most amazing cover that just calls my name! I usually stick with the same titles. I’ve purchased some that look good, but then find out that I just wasted my money because the articles are not my cup of tea. An example would be fashion magazines. As you know, I love fashion. But, the articles and photos that they put in magazines usually aren’t what I’m looking for to be inspired by. So, more than likely I pass on fashion magazines. I’ve always thought that someone needs to start a fashion magazine for “real” people with articles that are decent and you wouldn’t be afraid for young girls to read. Let me know if you know of any.

Here are my latest finds and loves in the magazine world….

This is a brand new magazine and I love it. It is published by Dayspring, which is a greeting card company as well as gifts that are faith based.
This is a magazine that has excellent articles that inspire me to live for Christ. I love it!
If you are a fan of Hallmark and all that they have to offer along with their movies….you will love this one!
I love to sew…..granted, I haven’t sewn in quiet a while….but, I love reading sewing magazines and this is one of them. You never know, I may crank my machine up pretty soon!
What a fun magazine this is. All sorts of inspiration to make your own scrubs, lotions and sprays.
Who doesn’t love The Pioneer Woman! She shares all types of things about her life.
This is a beautiful decorating magazine! I discovered it about a year ago and I’ve loved every issue.
I always find something in this publication that inspires me to be more healthy.
I love the photos in Victoria! If Victoria is on it….I know I will love it! Published by Hoffman Media, which is my very favorite of all!
Another Hoffman Media publication. I don’t decorate Cottage style, but, I love reading this magazine. Beautiful photos and decorating inspiration.
Yep…..Hoffman Media again! I love these issues. Very inspiring in decorating.
I love this one! Tea Time has been a favorite of mine for many years now. Guess who publishes it? Hoffman Media! Anything they do is beautiful.
Southern Lady is at the top of my list! Again……say it with me….Hoffman Media. They publish this one, too! Gorgeous magazines. I just returned from The Southern Lady Celebration in Birmingham, Alabama and I will be sharing about it later this week.

I love beautiful photos and articles that are inspiring to me. If you are the same, I hope you will try some of these magazines and see what you think. Feel free to share you favorite magazines.

Thanks so much for following me on my blog. I love hearing from you in the comment section or by email.

Enjoy this beautiful season!

Beverly’s Favorite Things

How are you doing? Can you believe that April is just about over? I can’t! Time is clicking along, isn’t it? I do hope you have had a wonderful 4 months of 2019. We have so much to be thankful for….even when things don’t go smoothly. A good example is my moms recent accident. I wrote about it on my last post. I thank the Lord everyday that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. She had seven stitches above her eye after a bad fall. But….no broken bones, no skull fractures, no pain! You read that right…no pain! The doctor ordered her a couple of medications and she didn’t even get them filled. She has some strong bones and a strong head. -wink

I thought it would be fun to do a quick little post of some of the latest things that I have purchased or ordered online and fallen in love with.

I love purses….but, it is so hard to find a really good purse that feels good as you carry it and doesn’t weigh too much on my arm. Plus, it has to look really cute.

I purchased this bag when we were in Hilton Head, SC a few weeks ago. I made my first visit to a store called Spartina! Yes, I fell in love with their bags and jewelry. I even bought a scarf that has pictures of Texas landmarks on it, not to mention a few pieces of jewelry. I’l share those another time. Click here to go to their site.

As I was walking through Dillards in Austin last weekend, I spotted a purse on the sale table. I couldn’t leave the store without it and I’ve really loved carrying it. It is lightweight and holds everything I need and the size is just right….as in baby bear’s comment in Goldilocks. Anyway…here is a link to the purse. I’m not able to copy and paste the picture from the site, so you will have to go check it out. Sorry about that! I got it in hot pink! 🙂

I am not a huge fan of salads. But….when I do eat a salad, I like it to be chopped as much as possible. I found this fun little gadget on Amazon. It works really good. You put all of your lettuce and veggies in the bowl and then just cut through all the little slits and voila….you have a chopped salad. Easy and no mess!

Also from Amazon, I purchased a digital scale. I’m ALWAYS working on weight loss issues it seems and when I read about this scale, I thought…this might help me stay motivated with all the bells and whistles. I used it first thing this morning. You set up your bluetooth and you will have all kinds of charts and graphs of things I have never even knew about. Let’s just say that after I weighed this morning…my eyes were opened to a couple of things that made me think…..I need to be more intentional and serious about this little project of mine. Or should I say, hobby. Does anyone get so tired of having weight issues hanging over your head? I sure do! The scale readings made me think more of health than actually losing weight to look better. Okay enough of that…we can talk weight issues later. Here is a link to the scale I purchased.

I’m always buying books. I read them and if I really loved them, I keep them and if I’m ready to say goodbye, I put the read books in a large basket designated for just books. I usually take them to the library and donate them and I recently was told that I should take them to a used bookstore and sell them. I may try that next time my basket gets full. Here is the last book I purchased. I haven’t read it yet, but I can’t wait to go through it. Click here to check it out on Amazon. I love organizing and I’m always attracted to organizing books!

I’m also a fan of beauty treatments. I know, you can’t really tell, but, I am! I’m always trying the latest when it comes to skin care, hair care and make-up. This is the last thing I purchased. Still trying it out. I’ve noticed that the older we get, our neck looks different. Or is it just me? Anyway, I purchased a neck serum off of QVC forever ago and my neck looks the same and I keep thinking, “when is this stuff going to run out?” I gave up and purchased this item. Click here to read about it. We will see how my neck looks when the jar is empty. -wink

A couple of years ago, I ordered a few things from this company. I was excited to hear that one of my favorite speakers in women’s ministry, Debbie Stuart, is doing an online Bible study with one of this company’s products. I ordered the book from Daily Grace Company and I look forward to doing the study.

Thanks for following along with me and reading about my latest purchases! I only share the things that I like. I don’t give negative reviews….if I don’t like something, I do away with it and never mention it again. Except for the never ending neck serum. It smells good and feels good….I just haven’t seen a difference. Maybe I’m not using enough and that is why it’s lasting FOREVER!

Until next time,