Patti’s Guest Room

I have more to do on these rooms as well. It’s hard for me to find everything that will work all at once. Our shopping is sort of slim in our area. 🙂

Nate’s Guest Room

I’m still working on our two guest rooms and baths. I will be on the search for needed items to complete the rooms on our next trip to Dallas and Oklahoma City.

Elegant Chic

I’ve been trying to come up with a name for my decorating style. “Elegant Chic” That’s it. Which means, I like elegance and I like chic along with everything else. 🙂

Decorating Fun

I love to decorate. We just finished a few remodeling projects. Here are a couple of pictures of our dining room. Our dining room is small and close to the entry, so I like to keep it simple and cozy. I really don’t know my decorating style because I love everything. I am looking for…

Christmas Surprise

Our first morning at DW, Patti, Rodrick, April and Oliver knocked on our door to tell us they would meet us for breakfast as soon as we were ready. I noticed April and Oliver had on matching t-shirts with penguins and I read April’s which said, “I have a Christmas Surprise.” I thought how cute…

Christmas at Disney World

We just returned from a week at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This was our Christmas gift to our kiddos. What a great time we had! We all flew out of Oklahoma City together. The weather was icy and cold. Our plane had to be de-iced. April called it sprinkling pixie dust on the plane…

I love Fall!

This is little April watering some mums at her Uncle Nate’s house. I love this time of year. Sometimes Fall and Thanksgiving get overlooked due to all the preparation of Christmas. I decorated for Fall/Thanksgiving at the first of September. My goal was to decorate for Christmas the beginning of November, but I am loving…

Phyllis Hoffman

This is mom and I with the publisher of Southern Lady magazine, Phyllis Hoffman of Hoffman Media.

A Southern Lady

My Mom and I attended a Southern Lady Magazine Celebration. We have both read this magazine for years and love it! We stayed at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas and attended a luncheon, two dinners and a brunch. The food was delicious. Each time we went to our seat at our table, was a gift…

Prince Oliver

Our Prince Oliver will soon be 2 years old. I can’t believe it! I love to hear him say Mimi. He has been saying “Mimi,ummm” as if he is about to add something. Too cute!