1. Congrats Patti & Dillow Family! Zoe is beautiful! Nancy Bullock forwarded a copy of your email to me. I forwarded your blog to my parents and my sister, Candice. Candice is pregnant and she is due in October! She is having a girl, Charity. We can’t wait!!! We haven’t had a baby in the family since Austin (our son) and he’ll be 8 in September. Courtney, our daughter, will be turning 13 on Monday (where does the time go)? God is so good and we all have so much to be thankful for!

    Please keep in touch!

    Have a wonderful & blessed day~
    Angie Heinsen-Catron

  2. She is just precious!!! Congrats!! Oh…and I am Brittney. You commented on my blog about my passion to help those in human trafficking! I was so excited to see your post! I just love reading your blog now! I too am a HUGE fan of “Jon and Kate plue 8″…what a family…and those parents are just amazing. Nice to talk to you and hopefully we’ll keep in touch in the land of blogging! I would love to talk more about our shared passion and ways we could start bringing awareness to this tradgey…and start making a difference!!

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