A Soft Answer…

“A soft answer turns away wrath,
But a harsh word stirs up anger.”
Proverbs 15:1

Proverbs 15 is filled with several of my favorite verses.  I chose to use verse one, which talks about our words and how we use them.

This has been one that I have learned to practice after many mistakes of speaking before thinking.  

I especially memorized this one as a young mom.  I blew it many times in speaking in anger with my children and husband.  

When Nathan was about 9 or so, I remember being short with him as he was getting ready for bed because he was playing around too much for a tired mommy.  I spoke harshly with him and I will never forget his words as he looked at me with tears in his eyes, “that isn’t very Christian of you.”  That is all he could think of to say.  I apologized and prayed with him and kissed him goodnight.  I then went to my room and felt HORRIBLE!!!!  I worked very hard after that to control my tone and being kind, even in disciplining.

My heart aches when I hear moms and dads speaking to their children in anger and hurting their little ones feelings.  There is a way to discipline without wounding their spirit.

A few years ago I was in the shoe department with my daughter and we were talking about some shoes she was trying on.  The sales clerk came over and said “I love your voice, you sound so motherly.”  I’ve had lot’s of comments on my voice, but that was a first to hear that.  

I have noticed something about having raised your children; that when you look back on all the years of child training, it seems you most remember the times you blew it!  When I look at our two adult children, I’m thankful for God’s grace and mercy and I love who and what they have become.  I see our daughter speak such kindness into her children and I watch our son as he interacts with others with kindness and compassion.  What a blessing!

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