A Simple Christmas…

A Year to Simplify Christmas…

I usually have a tree in every room and decorate anything that doesn’t move.  This year a lot is going on, so I decided for my sanity, I would simplify. 

Tree in entry way.  I removed all the fall decor and added a few of my favorite items from my gingerbread tree that I usually do in the kitchen.

I love the top hats and couldn’t leave this one out for the entry tree.

I bought this tassel at a gift shop last year after Christmas at 75% off.  This makes me smile.

Didn’t know what to do, so just picked a few items from my stash.

I love filling these for each holiday.

These look good enough to eat!  No calories!

I ordered these dishes last year from Dillard’s on sale. I see I missed a cup, better go get it out. :0

I picked a few things to display in the cabinet.

We put a soldier at the front door.  Every time I pass the door, I jump, I think someone is there.  It is supposed to snow tomorrow, so I will take a picture of the outside tomorrow.

More tomorrow……


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