A Graceful Lady!

Her book is finally here! It came out today and I went and bought my copy this morning. I can’t wait to start reading it. I saw a commercial for the Oprah show and she was going to be interviewing Laura today. I recorded the program and just finished watching it. What a neat lady she is, so graceful and poised. How fun it was to hear her talk about Midland, Texas, her hometown.

When George Bush was our Governor, Laura spoke at a Republican Women’s Luncheon that I attended. When we lived in East Tennessee for a short time, she and George made a campaign stop there and we got to see them then too. Another memory I have is when I first got married, I worked for a company called HBF as a receptionist. George W. came in to speak to the president of the company. I only knew that his dad was Vice President then, but wasn’t really aware of him at the time, but I remember what he looked like and that he was very serious while waiting in the reception area.
Hope the book is as good as I think it will be. 🙂


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