A Girl Like Me….

When a girl like me…

grows up without the love and security of a father, it leaves you with some scars.

Scars that only the love of a Heavenly Father can heal.

Those scars are things like insecurity, fearfulness and non-trusting.  Those don’t really make good qualities for a good wife.  As a young girl, getting married and having children were not part of my life plan.  

After I became a Christian at the age of 14 and got involved in a strong church, the Lord began to show me that marriage was a good thing.  I watched married couples in the church.  I saw some not so good examples and I saw some wonderful godly examples of what God had intended for marriage to be.  As an older teen, I began to read books on how to be a godly wife and mother. The desires of my heart turned and I had hoped that I would someday be a godly wife to someone that I could trust and love.

When I met Jim at 19, I knew there was something different about him than I had seen in other guys.  He loved the Lord with all his heart and I felt safe and secure with him.  He was someone that I knew I could trust with all of my heart.

Now, 32 years have passed and the blessings are beyond comprehension!  Were those a perfect 32 years?  Of course not!  But after 32 years, the love, security, safety and trust is stronger than ever!  (Those are important issues for a girl like me.)

So, all that to say, when a girl like me makes Psalm 37:4 one of her life verses, great things happen!

               “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart”

I believe He did, by blessing me with a precious husband like My Jim!


  1. I know God blessed your faithfulness and gave you a wonderful, godly husband. I love and admire you both. I am very thankful for the past 32 years and pray for many more! -Mom

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