A Clean Cell Phone

While traveling home on Monday from Oklahoma, I kept my cell phone in the front pocket of my jeans. While doing laundry on Tuesday, I couldn’t find my phone anywhere. I discovered my cell at the bottom of the washer while taking all the jeans out to put in the dryer. My heart sank. I really loved that phone. I’ve only had this one for a few weeks. (It looks like this picture, but it is gold instead of green) I turned it on and nothing happened, so I figured it was a goner.

When Jim got home, I told him all about my tragedy in deep detail which he loves for me to do. 😉 He took the battery off and opened it up and turned his ceiling fan on high in his office and left it on all night. This morning he charged it and guess what? It works…………I’m still amazed.

Jim is the master at everything. If it can be fixed, he can fix it. But he will tell you that isn’t true. Seriously, he can do anything! Nate calls him MaGyver.


  1. That Jim is a genius!!! Way to go MacGuyver, can you fix a leak in my radiator with chewing gum…haha!! That is cool though that the phone worked fine again even after it went through the spin cycle!!!

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