A Caring Heart

His Heart, My Desire…..a caring heart………for those that are hurting…..

There is an epidemic in our country and it is called, Human Trafficking.  We usually think of a foreign country when we hear that word, but it isn’t looking too good for America.

There is so much we can do as just one person.  If you go to the following links and read about what is going on with these two ministries, maybe you will find a way to help.  It might be something as simple as sending money to help stop this craziness, making people aware of the problem, encouraging our government to enforce the law, or getting involved regularly with rescuing women and children that are caught in the web of human trafficking.

It’s not a pretty picture and it is so much easier to just leave it alone, but we need to speak out for those that can’t.


I look forward to hearing what the Lord asks you to do on this subject.

Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.
Matthew 18:14

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